Clarity eCommerce for B2B Business

Let's get the obvious out of the way, B2B eCommerce is very different from other types of online selling and it needs to be treated as such. A shopping cart website for manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and other B2B companies requires many features that are exclusive to their industry. This includes shipping integration, ERP/CRM/business application integration, complex product and categorical hierarchy relationships, and more.

Clarity eCommerce delivers all of this and more, because it was built from the beginning specifically for business to business companies. If you're selling online to other businesses, check out a demo of Clarity eCommerce today. If you're not convinced yet, look into the market leading features and advantages that the platform provides.

world-class .Net Clarity eCommerce platform

Advantages of Clarity eCommerce

  • Have your entire staff on an integrated software platform
  • Built on the flexible technology for maximum versatility
  • SEO built-in for unlocking potential rankings, traffic, and conversions
  • Get eCommerce data to and from your legacy systems (bidirectional integration)
  • Maximize value from all of your departments, 24/7

B2B eCommerce for the Modern Company

Clarity eCommerce isn't the only shopping cart out there for B2B companies. It is, however, the only platform that takes advantage of modern web technology to create the best environment for the company selling as well as the experience of the user that is buying.

Not only does Clarity eCommerce deliver the features and benefits listed above, it uses advanced techniques such as Ajax product filtering to give your customers the fastest time to purchase possible. Clarity's shopping cart framework is built not just to sell your products online, but to improve your sales, business intelligence, and your company as a whole.

Improve Business to Business Sales with Clarity

Clarity eCommerce has enabled many businesses to rapidly increase sales, conversion rate, and other business metrics. Here are some reasons how:

Easy content and product management

Everything begins with managing products to give users the easiest time finding what they need. In an emotionless B2B transaction, speed to discovery is one of the most important focuses for an eCommerce website.

Market-leading search engine optimization

Beyond just making page-level elements easy to optimize (page titles, headers, URLs, etc.), Clarity eCommerce offers plenty of other advanced SEO options:

  • Flat site architecture for best use of your "crawl budget"
  • Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt ready upon setup
  • 301 redirects are available and easy to execute
  • Friendly 404 page for users and search engines
  • Analytics for the website's backlink profile are available in your administration dashboard
  • ... and more!

Improve conversion rate for more sales

Of course, analytics in the Clarity eCommerce dashboard will clue you in to the amount of traffic, sales, and new revenue the site is bringing in. However, it will also show weak points in conversion rate and you'll be able to take advantage of these insights to identify issues and fix them. This will result in more customers and revenue for your company.

How Clarity eCommerce Effects Different Departments

Read more about the positive impact that Clarity eCommerce can have on your business, from the perspective of different departments within your company:

Not only will Clarity eCommerce increase conversion rate and sales on your shopping cart, but it will provide the tools for your sales team to sell more in the field as well. For B2B companies, more sales and increased average purchase order can dramatically effect the bottom line. If you have a sales team that works in the field, a reverse IP lookup can be provided. This will allow your team to see the companies that were on your site and didn't convert.

There are plenty of advantages from a marketing standpoint for implementing Clarity eCommerce as your B2B shopping cart. Some of these are listed below:

  • Strong search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Site organized for best conversion rates
  • Advanced analytics to track all of your business KPIs
  • Abandoned shopping cart emails
  • Content and blog management for visitor engagement

What if your eCommerce store informed your distribution channels right away of queued orders, and allowed them to act quicker to begin the shipping or delivery process? That is just one of the ways Clarity eCommerce can aid your company's distribution process.

Clarity's shopping cart can also automatically generate shipping labels and other necessary forms related to your product distribution. Domestic and international tax calculation plus currency adjustments can all be handled on the platform.

These and other features make Clarity eCommerce the best eCommerce solution for B2B companies and their distribution.

For accounting, having a website that sells product, processes payments, sends receipts / invoices, etc. can be a nightmare. But Clarity eCommerce solves all of those problems. With integration to your company's accounting system and billing processes, your eCommerce website can actually make the lives of your accounting department easier, not harder.

What are you waiting for?

Clarity offers a free consultation and demo in order to walk you through all of the features and improvements that you can make for your company. Why not take advantage of this today? We look forward to hearing from you!