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Fully Customizable

The NADA team needed an robust Enterprise level B2B eCommerce platform with the ability to fully customize groups of product listing pages extensively and independently or as a group (i.e. by category, sub-category, with overrides/inheritance, etc.). Clarity eCommerce™ enables robust template and customization capabilities. This allows administrators, developers, and partners to rapidly and intuitively turn significant variations in functionality and design on or off across the entire site or portions of the site based on intelligent logic such as categorical, product or customer specific roles.

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Robust APIs

Robust APIs, extensive OCR data integration, – these were all requirements from Parts For Heating. The Clarity Connect™ platform coupled with the Clarity eCommerce™ solution enabled Clarity to bring to bear a API driven site with the ability to extend the core functionality to bring in OCR data that delivered an increase in over 200% of the previous product data. Furthermore, with the Enterprise eCommerce platform’s customizability Clarity was also able to highly customize the inbound marketing and SEO delivery as well to bring a full solution from raw PDF and textual data into the site so the Client could realize the full potential of their specialized knowledge.

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Developer and Partner Friendly

Clarity eCommerce provides deep functionality in an extensible manner. Due to the architectural choices the enterprise eCommerce framework delivers on the ability to implement robust functionality without requiring a .Net, PHP or Java specific platform for the user interface layer. In addition by bringing a highly customizable templating engine to bear the eCommerce solution is a full solution with the ability to adapt to any CMS system, and any workflow or specific business workflow requirement required.

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Interested in learning more?
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