Never Lose Your Online Presence

Servers Down? No Problem.

What is always on capability?


Always on capability ensures your website or E-Commerce platform is always available to your visitors. We send crawlers through your website in short intervals of a few days to collect static versions of your webpages. In case of emergencies, these static pages will be used while you fix the problem. Static pages contain only HTML content.

This way, even if your servers go down because of maintenance, error or overload, your website will still be functional. Once your servers are up and running again your website will automatically revert to the live version with dynamic content.


Why would I need Always On capability?


There are several reasons, and a lot of them occur with regularity. To install upgrades on the server, the servers must be taken down. Typically, companies will do this on low traffic volume days like Sunday to try and mitigate traffic losses due to offline servers. With always on capability, you never have to worry about losing website visitors and can install upgrades at a time more suited to your individual or personal needs.

Sometimes servers go down due to negligence, human error, acts of nature, hacking and a host of other reasons. Always on capability gives you peace of mind, knowing that if your servers go down during an important time for your business, your website and ecommerce won't be affected.


Clarity E Commerce: Always On


Not only does the Clarity e-commerce solution protect you against malicious attacks with advanced security features, Clarity's solution also prevents lost business by constantly backing up your website with static pages ready to use at a moment's notice. For Clarity, peace of mind is part of the solution, and we work hard to make sure your worries are few and far between. Call us today for a free consultation!