Azure Cloud and Amazon S3 Ready

Blazing Speed and Global Reach


A Robust Content Distribution Network (CDN)


40% of website visitors will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The same principle can be applied to download speeds for content.

A robust and capable CDN is vitally important both for redundancies and international eCommerce businesses. A good CDN will be able to leverage local servers based on the consumer's visitation location for faster website page loading and downloads speeds.

Without a global CDN, international clients will have to download your files from a server based in the US. This greatly increases their download time and decreases their download completion rate. A CDN allows, for example, a client based in France to download your files and visit your ecommerce platform from French servers rather than US servers. A network of international servers back up your files in what is known as 'mirroring' content for localized downloading and website access. Another benefit is that, because there are other servers hosting your content, you have globally based back ups of your data in case something happens to your local server.


Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and Azure Cloud


Amazon elastic cloud compute, also known as EC2, and Azure Cloud allow for cloud storage of content with your content distribution network. This is a service offered under AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure that enables the renting of virtual computing services on which to run applications, thereby making scalable application deployment both available and feasible. Bascially, you momentarily and periodically rent a virtual machine from AWS or Azure to increase download speed and balance the geographic load on multiple local servers. This enables versatile international deployment of enterprise level, data heavy applications and content without sacrificing performance abroad.