Content Management System eCommerce Integration

Clarity eCommerce integration with CMS platforms


Content management systems are used to create and maintain a wide range of websites, from personal blogs to enterprise-level eCommerce sites. When paired with a CMS, Clarity eCommerce™ allows you to utilize your eCommerce integration to its fullest extent by giving you complete control over both content creation and your online storefront. Content management systems are ideal for companies who require a high-level of customization for their website but who also need a user-friendly way to create and manage content. Yet a CMS may not be the best solution for all; smaller companies who do not need to regularly publish or modify content may find that a CMS weighs down site architecture and server resources or that getting new site administrator up to speed takes too much time.


content management systemsCustom-built with enterprise and B2B needs in mind, Clarity eCommerce gives you the option of complete independence from your CMS. Our eCommerce software solution can be integrated as a module within popular content management systems, or it can stand on its own as an independent software platform that interfaces with your website. This makes it easy to incorporate Clarity ecommerce™ into your existing business processes. No matter which CMS you use, Clarity ecommerce™ maximizes the full potential of integrated ecommerce.

Clarity has experience integrating Clarity eCommerce with a variety of content management systems, including:



Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™: Extensive CMS Integration Capabilities

When organizations are assessing the benefits of a CMS integration with their eCommerce platform, there are several key factors to consider. Clarity eCommerce with Clarity Connect™ provides ample benefits within the bounds of your CMS or on its own.


computer monitorFlexible Architecture


Our eCommerce framework is so compatible with various content management systems due to the extensible nature of the architecture. Our highly customizable templating engine adapts the platform to any CMS, workflow, or specific business process. Since Clarity eCommerce™ does not require a .NET, PHP or Java-specific platform for the user interface layer, the Clarity eCommerce™ can run independently of a content management system with efficiency, allowing Clarity’s developers to fully tailor the platform to your needs.


growthScalable and Performant


Clarity eCommerce leverages client-side rendering to allow for virtually unlimited products and transactions in your online store. While most other eCommerce platforms drain bandwidth and require more or bigger servers as they grow to compensate for the increased demand, Clarity eCommerce uses available bandwidth and server much more efficiently, cutting hardware and manpower costs. With Clarity eCommerce you can focus on growing your business, not your hardware infrastructure.


Administrative ToolsComprehensive Admin


Along with having full control over your content through your CMS, Clarity eCommerce gives you direct, secure access to your eCommerce implementation at the click of a button. Different levels of administrative authority ensure that the correct permissions are in place for each user. Paired with a robust content management system, you can update your entire site quickly and easily, allowing your eCommerce website to grow with your company.


HandshakeAdvanced Inbound Marketing


As an eCommerce business, you may already be using one or more third-party tools, including your CMS’s native analytics tools, to monitor specific key performance indicators related to consumer behavior and sales optimizations. Clarity eCommerce compiles all this data into one intuitive and powerful dashboard, empowering your marketing team to view valuable analytics information in real-time. Equipped with the right CMS integration, your team can rapidly respond to KPIs by creating, repairing, or updating site content as needed.


Magnifying GlassSearch Engine Optimization


Along with a user-friendly analytics dashboard for monitoring KPIs, Clarity eCommerce leverages the value of SEO with built-in tools for website optimization, which can be combined with or used in place of CMS SEO-management tools. With page-level controls for titles and meta info, SEO-friendly URLs, easy-to-use 301 redirects, and more, Clarity’s solution allows you to harness the power of search engines.


globalInternational Implementation


With options for multilingual sites available through many platforms, content management systems can aid you in reaching an international audience. Clarity eCommerce can provide support for your website with robust international options to fit any part of a business. Clarity’s tools work not only across multiple languages but can be accommodated to meet different regulatory or legal requirements across countries. Along with multinational currency calculation and specializations in international taxes, customs, and duties, Clarity eCommerce with Clarity Connect allows you to satisfy international customer’s needs.


truckShipping and Freight


Clarity has extensive experience beyond standard UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL integrations for shipping costs, package tracking, and returns. Whether shipping is at the core of your day-to-day operations or a more occasional need, you can rest assured knowing that Clarity eCommerce is the platform of choice for businesses that depend completely on shipping.




Content management systems, particularly open-source CMS tools, can sometimes be susceptible to a security breach. With Clarity’s middleware layer, Clarity Connect, surface area for potential security issues is dramatically reduced as data is securely pushed and pulled between the external eCommerce storefront and the internal platform.

Clarity and CMS Integration

Content management system integration can be the key to growing your eCommerce business. Content management system integration can be the key to growing your eCommerce business. Whether you need integration with the WordPress, DNN, Orchard, Ektron CMS, or any other, we're here to help.

Clarity’s team of expert developers has successfully completed numerous CMS-eCommerce integrations. To learn more about how your Clarity’s CMS-independent ecommerce solution can serve your business, call or click today.