Complete eCommmerce Solution

Fully Customizable

Our software is designed with the evolving nature of your business in mind. Clarity eCommerce™ has robust templating and customization capabilities, enabling you to make dynamic decisions based on customer behavior and needs. Administrators, developers, and partners can quickly and intelligently modify functionality and design across the entire site or portions of the site based on information about category, product, or customer-specific roles. If you need a comprehensive, enterprise-level B2B eCommerce platform with the ability to fully customize, Clarity can help.

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Robust APIs

APIs are the core of integrating software, allowing various interfaces to interact with coding language. Utilizing APIs allows you to bring in many software functions and plug-ins, empowering you to build the site that your business needs and your customers desire. Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ is compatible with a wide range of different APIs. Our extensively customizable platform provides you with endless possibilities for eCommerce integration and growth, no matter how specialized your needs.

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Developer and Partner Friendly

Clarity eCommerce™ provides deep, extensible functionality. Our eCommerce framework’s intelligent architecture allows for implementation of functionality without requiring a .Net, PHP, or Java-specific platform for the user interface layer. Our highly customizable templating engine makes our eCommerce solution compatible with any CMS system and as well as adjustable based on your company’s specific workflow requirements.

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Affiliate Model

Companies running on an affiliate model need a wide-ranging solution to meet their needs. Clarity eCommerce™ has the depth to deliver not only an immersive eCommerce catalog, product search, filtering and reviews experience but also to expand that capability to independent dealers in a self-managed affiliate model. Clarity eCommerce™ also has robust reporting and analytics capabilities, giving you visibility into each affiliate's performance. These analytics allow you to identify opportunities for development among affiliates and provides your top affiliates with a chance to stand out, giving you the most complete picture of performance.

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Multi-tenant businesses need an eCommerce solution that allows for independent customization of stores within the overall store framework. Clarity eCommerce™ enables infinite scalability within your business model through digital and physical product sales option and extensive customization per store within the platform. By leveraging a multi-tenant eCommerce solution off the shelf, the software architecture enables hardware and performance scaling. Clarity’s eCommerce platform gives you and your vendors the tools needed to grow your business.

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As an omni-channel business, you may find it challenging to present a cohesive message to your target market, and to ensure that data stays correlated between systems. Clarity eCommerce™ enables you to create a uniform look and update product information in real-time across multiple channels, including web sites, mobile sites, and affiliate locations. With Clarity eCommerce™, retailer affiliates using the platform can manage their store inventory data, pricing and available products to sync their channels and ensure customers receive consistent messaging throughout their experience.

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Every company needs effective marketing to grow, regardless of business size, and no campaign is complete without robust analytics. The Clarity team has experience implementing analytics tools for businesses whose marketing efforts are just beginning and for established teams in search of a marketing refresh. Clarity eCommerce™ is equipped with robust features, including customized notification and the ability to increase page value. Let Clarity’s platform help you bring your marketing goals to fruition.

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Advanced SEO

Turn to Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ for the most up-to-date eCommerce SEO capabilities. We know how to optimize search both within your website and for display on search engines. Our expert team is constantly fine-tuning our platform’s capabilities based on the web community’s ever-expanding understanding of search engine algorithms. From optimizing page titles to finding creative solutions for your product catalog, Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ can help you bring your page to the top of search results.

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Social Media

For businesses that incorporate social media into their marketing efforts, Clarity eCommerce™ ships with optional social media integration capabilities. Features include social media-based registration and login, along with sharing and following within the user experience for all major social media platforms. Clarity eCommerce™ equips businesses to create a social-media enriched experience for their end users.

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