manufacturer ecommerce platform for online sellingDistribution eCommerce solutions for the manufacturing industry have traditionally fallen short of the quality that has become expected by website visitors. The reason for this is that manufacturers have a lot of requirements for how they need to manage sales and fulfillment, and no product has successfully combined the necessary application and shipping integrations with cutting edge web technology for a fantastic looking website and customer experience.

Until now.

Clarity eCommerce is a shopping cart solution for manufacturers that have unique requirements around product offerings, shipping, and customer relationship management. No longer does your company have to apologize for being a manufacturer, and attempt to "fit into" the platforms of those products that are really meant for small B2C companies.

Why Clarity eCommerce is Perfect for Manufacturers

On top of all of the normal features expected of a modern manufacturing eCommerce integration (dynamic product management, advanced administration dashboards, search engine optimization, etc.), Clarity eCommerce incorporates specialized parts of the platform exclusively for manufacturers.

These features include but are not exclusive to:

  • Shipping and logistics integration with UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, and more
  • Packaging, shipping, and tax fee calculation with label generation
  • Extensible database architecture to fit any product base (unlimited SKUs)
  • International features such as multi-lingual versions of your content, customs compliance, currency adjustments, etc.
  • Integration to your ERP, CRM, or other business applications
  • Custom payment processing based on your accepted methods, even if that requires automatically generated or manual invoices

Increase Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction

Clarity eCommerce is the only tool that allows your company to achieve this trifecta of business metrics and do so on a large scale that often exists for manufacturers. It is truly a full solution that improves many facets of your company.

Allow Retailers to Host Stores Within Your Store

If you find it necessary to allow your purchasers to resell the products in their own store you can control all of it via Clarity eCommerce, even while giving them their own website (with its own domain name, if applicable).

Sell Through Retailer Channels or Direct to Consumer

If your company exclusively sells to your retailer channels, Clarity eCommerce has you covered. If you also want to start selling directly to your consumer, Clarity eCommerce has you covered.

Not only does Clarity's platform deliver the functionality required to handle both types of selling, but our team of consultants are also experienced and ready to provide you with knowledge of how to solve channel conflicts and other issues that arise from this type of online selling.

How Clarity eCommerce Effects Different Departments

Read more about the positive impact that Clarity eCommerce can have on your business, from the perspective of different departments within your company: