Customer Retention Through the Finish Line with Clarity’s Intuitive Checkout

Clarity eCommerce intuitive checkout for enterprise and b2b, request for quoteClarity eCommerce’s simplified and intuitive checkout functionality dramatically reduces abandoned shopping carts and last minute customer bounces. By simplifying the sales process through powerful features such as single-page checkout, intelligent validation, auto-fill for repeat customers, and automated request for quote form entry, our best-in-class solutions will have customers hitting the "confirm purchase” button every single time.

The checkout process should be a seamless transition, converting customers and accumulating sales. However, the functions of typical checkout infrastructures often result in customers becoming overwhelmed, impatient, and ultimately uninterested. A significant amount of business is lost each minute because of inefficient purchasing processes. No company—big or small—can afford to miss out on valuable profit because of a subpar transaction procedure.

At Clarity we understand the need for an uncomplicated checkout process, and have created a comprehensive solution focused solely on ease and customer retention.

Single Page Checkout

Recent studies have shown that the average checkout process consists of 5.8 steps and five separate pages, load times, and potentially even whole sites. This scenario creates a situation in which buyer convenience is sacrificed, and too much time elapses between the impulsive decision to buy and the actual finalization of the sale.

Clarity’s intuitive checkout expedites this critical sales process, creating a straightforward and hassle-free customer experience that keeps buyers coming back. With Clarity eCommerce's intuitive checkout:

  • The customer remains on only one page for his or her entire checkout.
  • Sales are not lost due to a time-consuming mandatory registration step. 24% of current checkouts require account creation, but with Clarity’s process, it’s optional.
  • The user experience is streamlined through minimalizing unnecessary information collection.
  • Succinct, clear calls to action and data entry fields are featured.

Intelligent Validation

It’s a simple concept: people hate repeating themselves. Yet surprisingly, in the top 100 most-used online checkouts, approximately 50% ask for the same information more than once. Avoiding redundancy in the checkout process is critical to preventing customer frustration, and thus, dissatisfaction. Clarity’s intelligent validation ensures this is never an issue, because:

  • All required information is captured while hidden fields allow the system to continue checkout, even when certain fields are left blank.
  • No requests for data are ever repeated.
  • All unnecessary data collection is eliminated, creating a minimalized checkout form.
  • Smart fills intuitively and automatically take care of some fields based on previously entered information.
  • Customers save time and effort when “invalid” or “incomplete field” responses are a thing of the past.

Auto-fill for Existing Customers

Acquiring new customers is a much more costly venture than retaining existing ones. With this fact in mind, Clarity designed the Auto-Fill feature, allowing valued repeat customers to avoid the tedious process of re-entering personal information time after time. Returning customers will appreciate the convenience of having their account information automatically input into the checkout form. This saves them time and allows you to effortlessly build brand loyalty through the little things that create long-term value.

Request for Quote Form Entry

Clarity’s request for quote solution can be uniquely tailored to your business, facilitating sales-driven communication between you and your customers.

Clarity Ventures has thought beyond the basic requirements for an online sale, and considered the high degree of variation between customers’ needs. The concept of a generic checkout is an impossible reality because of this variance. If potential customers don’t find the option for communication with your brand, they will quickly move on to a different site that allows their input. Clarity’s request for quote solution can be uniquely tailored to your business, facilitating sales-driven communication between you and your customers. This feature will improve your conversion rate and allow you to build long-lasting relationships—the fundamental aspiration of all successful enterprises.

Integrating Clarity eCommerce’s Intuitive Checkout into your business model maximizes your sales efforts by converting customers at a much higher rate. Rather than losing a potential sale due to a laborious and confusing checkout process, your customers are one page and a few fields away from flawlessly completing their purchase. To find out more about creating your own streamlined checkout process or to get a quote, contact Clarity today.