Enhance Consumer Interactions and Drive Sales With Clarity eCommerce’s Mobile And Responsive Platform

Clarity eCommerce was built with your customers in mind. Our mobile and responsive platform allows shoppers to access your site from any device, without sacrificing functionality or ease-of-use. It’s a system made for integration, which means you can optimize both web and mobile front-end presentation without tearing apart your back-end. It also means seamless transitioning between web and mobile applications – ensuring consistency across multiple channels.

More Than 78 Million Customers Are Waiting For You To Reach Them

Having a mobile-optimized eCommerce website is no longer just a luxury. Portio Research (March 2013) estimates that 1.2 billion people worldwide currently use mobile applications, with a forecasted annual growth rate of 29.8%. Project these figures a few years into the future, and you’ll realize that there will be roughly 4.4 billion people using mobile applications by 2017. In Japan, the U.S., and Europe alone, roughly 78 million people access retail websites from mobile applications. Thus, even though eCommerce is still in its infancy, there is already significant demand for online retail applications.

You already know that successful businesses go to where the customers are – they don’t wait for customers to come to them. That’s why we built our platform with mobile application-ready web services and restful APIs. This forward-thinking design provides:

  • Easy scalability of interactions between platform layers.
  • Consistent interfaces across mobile apps, mobile browsers, and web browsers.
  • Complication-free independent deployment of unique components.
  • Reduced latency, enhanced security, and protection of your legacy systems.

At Clarity, we understand that when you provide multiple touchpoints to a customer, you dramatically increase your chances of making a sale. By giving shoppers one consistent user interface that’s accessible across multiple channels, they no longer have to put off a buying decision because of lack of access. You drive revenue through a ubiquitous web presence, and your back-end functionality and performance stay optimized. That’s the power of Clarity eCommerce.

Comes With Responsive Design Built-Into Platform

An integrated and broad eCommerce strategy doesn’t stop at mobile applications. A mobile and responsive solution must also take into account the 406 million people who have now made purchases using mobile web browsers (BI Intelligence, January 2013). In order to deliver a fulfilling and rich online retail experience to shoppers, it’s essential that your eCommerce user interface is optimized to meet your customers’ needs.

Choosing to implement restful APIs means easy integration with mobile applications, mobile browsers, and traditional web browsers. Couple this with the responsive design that’s built into our platform, and you can start to see what makes Clarity eCommerce so powerful. Our platform was built not just to be highly flexible, but also to evolve. On the back-end this means independently deployed components. And on the front-end it means constantly adapting to the browsing preferences of consumers.

Whether a customer is viewing your site on a mobile browser, through an app, or on their desktop – clarity eCommerce intuitively responds to user interaction. Your visitors will enjoy easy reading and navigation without hassles or interruptions. Our responsive web design adapts your site’s layout based on the user’s browsing settings, and allows for the effortless resizing, panning, and scrolling of all windows.

Clarity eCommerce is the undisputed leader in mobile and responsive online retail solutions. Through unparalleled product architecture, our platform gives you the flexibility, constancy, and adaptability needed to reach and sell to today’s demanding e-consumer. To find out more about how Clarity eCommerce can help your business expand its reach, call or request a quote today.