Clarity Announces New B2B Consulting Practice

Clarity Announces New B2B Consulting Practice

Clarity Offers Project Consulting Services for B2B Design & Discovery

Author/Friday, June 3, 2016/

With over 10 years of designing and building custom B2B eCommerce sites, Clarity has a broad set of experiences and creative ideas in helping companies plan, strategize, design and budget for their upcoming B2B projects. The problem is that many companies don’t start planning or researching their new project until they’ve got budget approval for their undefined project. The issue is that most of the time, they don’t know what the budget is going to be, so they end up looking for a solution that fits within a pre-supposed, often completely wrong, budget.

“We find that about half of the companies we talk to fall into two extremes,” said Ron Halversen, VP Sales & Marketing, Clarity Ventures. “They either wait for 3 years, thinking their project will run $300k, when they could’ve built and launched for $150k, or they only budget $40k, make business plans on a new site launch in two months, and find out they need $250k and 10 months.”

Over the course of hundreds of projects, Clarity has put together a very structured Design and Discovery process. This process is a client-involved process of defining the business needs of the solution, capturing ways to integrate and automate business processes, drive new business and help drive goals. The process outputs a number of documents including wireframes and site design, as well as, a very detailed budget of what their project budget should be. Clarity will then help provide guidance to the best solution the client should look at. “The goal should be to find a solution that can be tailored to meet the requirements of the discovery and help drive business,” said Halversen. “Most solutions on the market require the client to adapt their business to the features within the off-the-shelf product offered.” For this reason, Clarity focuses only on true B2B-focused, highly-flexible solutions that can integrate in almost any infrastructure and any ERP, CRM, EMR, XML feed, etc.

Clarity's Best Practices Guide to eCommerce and Back-office integrationsTo promote this consultative engagement, Clarity has launched a new B2B eCommerce website, focused on these specialized implementations. One big perk that you’ll get by visiting the site is a free 127-page Best Practices Guide for B2B eCommerce with back-office integrations. The site is packed with resources to help you define and build out your project plan. Clarity also offers a free consultation to help get you started.

To get your free “Best Practices Guide to B2B eCommerce Integration” project, visit

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