Clarity eCommerce™ Gets another Technology Facelift

Improves Performance and Enterprise Capabilities

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Clarity eCommerce adds AngularJS,, SEO enhancements, performance improvementsAustin, TX – Feb. 11, 2014 – Clarity Ventures, today announced the public release of build 19 of their Clarity eCommerce™ platform.


Clarity believes on staying on the bleeding edge of technology, especially when it improves and positively affects their clients’ business. As most of their projects are websites or eCommerce sites, every improvement to the user experience is both welcome and needed. 


“We’ve all heard about the Amazon and Google research that says for every one second delay in page load speed, they lose $100M in sales,” said Ron Halversen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Clarity. “Clarity has enterprise clients with more than 3Million SKUs and 22Million categories, which taxes every performance aspect of the entire system, from server to platform. These improvements are not just benefits, they’re an absolute requirement for our Enterprise accounts, and we’ve responded with another performance boosting technology.” 


Another driving factor for this release is the client demand for platform agnostic solutions. Whether they’re on another platform, or worried that if acquired, the parent company won’t like their platform, Enterprise clients like the more open source platforms and easily integrated solutions. 


“Although this release has added some great new technologies like Angular JS and, this release really focused on decoupling the platform from a single delivery platform,” said Tim Heimsoth, Chief Architect at Clarity Ventures. “When it comes to delivering enterprise, B2B or custom eCommerce solutions, many of our clients didn’t want to be locked into a single delivery platform.” 


AngularJS decouples the UI from the service layer to allow for extensive customizations, and allowing different UI elements to communicate more seamlessly. This also improves real-time communication between the different modules in the Clarity eCommerce platform. Another benefit of AngularJS is that it provides a client-side UI display. This lowers the amount of data transmitted and speeds up performance when a user is browsing a product catalog. The downside of AngularJS is a hit to stand-alone SEO page content. 


Also added this release is the introduction of the engine. addresses the SEO needs of a client-side platform, by crawling and building out the SEO index pages for the site crawlers that don’t get built automatically by a client-side script. This not only solves the problem of the missing SEO content pages, but with its highly-optimized content pages, it actually improves crawling performance and can improve rankings. 


“One of our greatest advantages is our ability to adopt new technologies quickly,” said Halversen. “Most of the competition, has a much larger code base that has to support their legacy customers, saddling them with support constraints that don’t allow them to move and adopt technologies quickly. We've chosen to develop our eCommerce solution as a development platform, which is more suitable for adapting to new and better technologies. We’re never constrained by the 80/20 rule. If a client wants an enhancement, regardless of what any other client wants or needs, they can have it, quickly and affordably.”   


For more information about Clarity eCommerce™ or to get a free quote, click here. 


About Clarity For almost 10 years, servicing start-ups to Fortune 500s, Clarity Ventures, Inc. has been creating waves in the web design and development, eCommerce, integration and business software community. With eight years of consecutive growth of well over 50% every year, Clarity is on track to become the next "Who's Who" in the web design and development sector. While remaining lean and mean, Clarity is about to experience another round of growth that will bring on board some of the brightest minds available in the marketplace.      

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