Clarity Ventures Releases their eCommerce API

Extends Legacy and Enterprise Support to Clients and Partners

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Clarity eCommerce gets its custom API made available to customers and partnersAustin, TX – Sept. 17, 2013 – Clarity Ventures announces the public release of their new eCommerce API.

Part of Clarity eCommerce™, and internally called release 18, Clarity Ventures has again expanded on their eCommerce platform by releasing partner and client access to their API and documentation. This is the same API that they use to deliver custom eCommerce and integration solutions to their clients. Clarity believes that a true platform versus an off-the-shelf or SaaS-based eCommerce product should free the client to have a solution customized to enhance and grow their business instead of being forced to adapt their business to what the product offers out of the box. 

“This release really enhances both our and our partner’s ability to extend and customize program functionality,” said Tim Heimsoth, Chief Architect at Clarity. “By abstracting the business layer from the UI layer, we can now provide highly tailored solutions with considerably less development time and at a much lower risk, as the core code is no longer modified.” 

At the heart of their API, Clarity has chosen Service Stack as their service layer. Service Stack is a robust and extensible platform that allows developers to take advantage of common profiling and logging tools, as well as other libraries to natively integrate with. It also offers the ability to be flexible to both legacy and current end points without compromising the ability to use and introduce new formats. 

“Service Stack provides six different supported protocols and the documentation,” said Ron Halversen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Clarity. “By supporting multiple protocols like JSON, CSV, JSV, XML and SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, we can easily support both the integration of legacy and enterprise line-of–business systems from the same platform. This enhances our ability to deliver custom solutions quickly and affordably to our clients.” 

For more information Clarity’s eCommerce capabilities, click here.

About Clarity 

For almost 10 years, servicing startups to Fortune 500s, Clarity Ventures, Inc. has been creating waves in the web design and development, eCommerce, integration and business software community. With eight years of consecutive growth of well over 50% every year, Clarity is on track to become the next "Who's Who" in the web design and development sector. While remaining lean and mean, Clarity is about to experience another round of growth that will bring on board some of the brightest minds available in the marketplace.  

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