eCommerce Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Getting the Most From Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Your eCommerce Solution


Versions to Match Your Business Needs

You want to have some of the best customer relationship software possible, and you need to make sure that it is going to integrate into your system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a top choice for custom relationship management. The software is available in 4 different versions for installation, and they are easy to customize. You can find the Workgroup Edition, the Professional Edition, the Enterprise Addition and the Service Provider Edition. They've also actively been updating and releasing new versions from 4.0, 2011, 2013 to Dynamics 365. When you have an eCommerce site, you want to choose implementation and Dynamics CRM eCommerce platform of the edition that gives you the most access without limits.

Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Your eCommerce

"Businesses are able to offer a much higher level of customer service and to track the results of that customer service."

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Building Customer Loyalty

The eCommerce Dynamics CRM integration with your website (storefront, marketplace, ordering & distribution portals, etc.) provides you with the software for customer relationship management that you need to improve and provide great customer service. You will be able to have easy access to all of the parts of the software with easy to use dashboards and controls that you can access through the computer. You will be able to access what you need directly through the web with any browser. Using plug-ins with Outlook is possible as well. This means that you can email your clients information from Outlook and it can automatically be added to the contact record activity log in Dynamics. It ensures that you're able to maintain a record of all communication with your clients.


How Dynamics Can Work Within Your eCommerce Solution

"The power of the software integration is going to make reporting easier, and the data import tools are useful for keeping track of your business."


Integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The integration is easy because Microsoft designed it to be that way. They want users to have more control and access, and using the framework of Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce makes that possible. Users will be able to make changes to their eCommerce sites when they need to, and they will be able to ensure a better relationship with their customers through improved self-service features, more accurate data, real-time access to invoices, orders, return and quotes and great customer service. The relationship management options and services with the software are easy to implement into your site, and they can make a world of difference when it comes to return customers. Clarity Ventures is a business integration shop that specializes in custom projects.

Boost Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

The power of the software integration is going to make reporting easier, and the data import tools are useful for keeping track of your business. With more control over the system thanks to the better programming options, it makes it easier to have Microsoft Dynamics CRM work the way you need it to for your business. The updates to the system are regular too, and that ensures that you are going to be on top of the game at all times. Choosing the best options to integrate into your eCommerce business can be difficult. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce platform, you can be sure that you are making a great choice though. It's easy to integrate and has some great benefits. You can contact Clarity Ventures about a Dynamics CRM eCommerce project here.

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