SOAP is an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. This protocol is for the exchange and transfer of structured info in computer networks and web services. SOAP makes use of XML (Extensible Markup Language) for the message format. However, it also uses other protocols, such as HTTP.

The Technology of SOAP

SOAP eCommerce IntegrationSOAP has several parts that make up the framework, and users will be able to build upon and change the framework when they need. The pieces of the protocol include the envelope (defining the message and how to process), the encoding rules for the instances of the data types, and a convention for responses and procedure calls. Many are using this to obtain data from their sites on pricing and features. When the data returns, it is ready for integration into a third-party application or site. This is useful for many eCommerce sites.

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Using SOAP for eCommerce and Beyond

Those who have eCommerce sites should find these features of SOAP quite impressive. One of the big advantages of SOAP is that it can use the HTTP protocol, which means that it is going to work well with more network firewalls. Other protocols, such as DCOM, often have trouble passing firewall filters. The versatility of being able to use several different protocols including JMS and SMTP as well as HTTP help to make SOAP very popular and useful. It is easy to use SOAP with an existing infrastructure as well. This means that you are not going to have to make the drastic and time-consuming changes that you might if you were to use another option.

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How Does SOAP Help Your Business?

This means that you have many more options, and will be able to use it with an existing eCommerce site when you have the proper integration.

The SOAP protocol offers some nice advantages for your business. It is a platform independent protocol, and it works with the XML language. XML is able to create Perl Scripts, C++ code and much more. This means that you have many more options, and will be able to use it with an existing eCommerce site when you have the proper integration. It is a simple way to interact with remote service communications, components, objects and more. When compared with other protocols, most people find that SOAP is very easy to learn for anyone who already has an understanding of XML.

Choosing the best integration options for your eCommerce website is always important. SOAP has a number of advantages that make it one of the best options for integration, and we can help.

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