QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting solutions used by businesses of all sizes. The software is famous for its ability to make the most complex accounting procedures easier and more accurate. To get the full benefits of this platform in an eCommerce environment, however, you can integrate QuickBooks and your eCommerce website into one flexible system.

QuickBooks eCommerce Integration

The Reasons for QuickBooks eCommerce Integration

Whenever data has to be entered into a system manually, there are numerous opportunities for error. This means that having data manually input is always a liability. To eliminate this risk, it's best to have the data automatically taken from one program and provided to the other, which is exactly what QuickBooks eCommerce platform integration does. It also allows for more accurate quoting and for payment information sent via the shopping cart to be sent to accounting instantly and accurately. Clarity Ventures is a team of experienced integration professionals that is always open to discussing your next project.

The Technology Involved in eCommerce Integration

Skilled programmers ensure that the communication between the eCommerce platform and the QuickBooks Online Integration are secure. They also ensure that information is transmitted at intervals of the business's choosing. For instance, some companies will want order information to be sent to the accounting department instantly and others will prefer if the information is sent once per day as a batch. Either solution—or any other solution—can be accommodated. Clarity Ventures is a business integration shop that specializes in custom projects.

Building the eCommerce Integration Solution

The programmers that build an eCommerce solution will integrate the information that comes off of your eCommerce site into QuickBooks so that the information is transmitted instantly and without change. This requires that the programming be very secure, of course, as you'll be dealing with information that includes customer payment methods and the account information from your own company. Programmers, however, can make sure that these solutions are safe for the businesses that use them.

Powerful eCommerce Possibilities

Companies that have QuickBooks and eCommerce software integrated enjoy many benefits. Information that is used for accounting, shipping and record keeping is never altered during data entry. Information that has to be delivered to the accounting department instantly is delivered without delay. All of this means that the company functions more efficiently and that customers get better service.

QuickBooks eCommerce is popular enough that most businesses will be familiar with it and, if they're a small- to mid-sized business, there's a very good chance that they're using it for their accounting solution. Integrating this platform with eCommerce makes both more powerful and convenient.