In order to run a successful website that generates new customers for a business, large sets of data must be collected and analyzed on site visitors to understand and optimize for them. This data is also helpful to track success in a historical analysis. This can be achieved by installing Google Analytics on a DotNetNuke website.

The benefits of DotNetNuke Google Analytics Integration:

  • Large amounts of valuable marketing data
  • Easy-to-install

DotNetNuke Analytics Integration

DotNetNuke has a field to enter Google Analytics tracking codes right in the content management system. This can complete the implementation, and alternatively the normal header or end of body snippets would work as well.

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used website applications on the internet. Most companies and agencies use it as a part of their analysis and internal research routine. It's important to understand that if your business wants to know more about its site performance and about its visitors, Google Analytics needs to be implemented.

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