DotNetNuke is a content management system that is based on the popular .NET platform from the Microsoft Corporation. DotNetNuke is used for a great number of websites and is popular because of the flexibility of the platform and the fact that people who don't have any web design experience can easily add material to the site.

What are DotNetNuke Modules?

Like many other content management systems, functionalities can be added to the DotNetNuke through the use of modules. Companies that buy and sell online will sometimes add an eCommerce module, a blog module might be added by a company that has several different employees that need to contribute to it or a forum module might be added to adapt the site so that it can be used to give online support to customers. Some of the other common modules include photo galleries, modules that allow the site to be interfaced more tightly with social networking sites and modules that interface with wiki pages.

Custom module development is also used by companies when they need more sophisticated work done on their sites. There are plenty of free modules made by volunteers who work on the DotNetNuke project. They can be downloaded from sites such as

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Custom Development

While there are plenty of free modules for the DotNetNuke platform, some businesses need custom development done to get exactly the look they want. The DotNetNuke platform provides the security, the user access control and the other core features of a content management system, allowing the companies who use it to invest more of their money in customizing the look and functionalities of the sites that are built with it.

Companies tend to engage in custom development when they need something more than what can be obtained from the free offerings. For example, a company that is very concerned about maintaining its image online may want their modules customized so that they fit exactly with the look that the company is trying to brand. Specific functionalities that need to be built into the DotNetNuke platform to satisfy the needs of the company may not be available among free modules, as well, and this is another reason that companies will oftentimes engage the services of custom developers.

DotNetNuke is a great platform to build your web presence with. Clarity can help you customize any web software that you or your company wishes to utilize.

DotNetNuke modules include plenty of functionalities and many different choices. Custom development for DotNetNuke modules, however, is usually necessary for companies that have very specific goals in mind.

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