DotNetNuke Professional adds a lot of functionality to an alright powerful CMS, including exceptional document management. A huge advantage of DNN’s document management system is the auto-integration with the user groups and permissions that exist on the site.

The benefits of DotNetNuke Document Management:

  • DotNetNuke security is world-class
  • Versioning and multi-user management
  • Moderation workflow engine

Document management can be so important to a business in order to keep internal and external facing files up to date and readily accessible by the employees.

For instance, a sales team usually has many versions of its collateral and adds new content to its arsenal every month. How do you make sure that every rep is using the same materials and that they are all up to date? Using DNN’s document management system will achieve this and more. Administrators are able to control which employee groups have access to which documents. This is crucial for fast moving internal environments.

DotNetNuke Document Management

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