DotNetNuke lends itself rather naturally to bloggers. Creating a blog with a CMS is sensible, since the CMS allows the user to change and update the site very quickly and with no issues related to creating errors that might alter the pages in unwanted ways. The database that drives the site is also the best possible container for the information added. When you're creating these sites, a DotNetNuke blog module will be the basic building block. There are several of them and they are all used to customize your blog.

DotNetNuke is a great platform to build your web presence with. Clarity can help you customize any web software that you or your company wishes to utilize.

The DotNetNuke Blog Module

The modular nature of DotNetNuke makes it easy to get your blog up and running.

The modular nature of DotNetNuke makes it easy to get your blog up and running. You can add each element to the site without having to do any programming. There are some basic features of every blog that you'll want to add and there are solutions for this need offered by the community and in the professional versions of DotNetNuke.

You'll need a menu, of course, and this is the first DotNetNuke blog module that you'll likely add to the page. A posts module will allow you to add the content you want to your blog and to keep the blog rotating in the way you want. Most of these modules will allow you to customize how the information is presented.

A blog roll is a list of links to other blogs that is traditionally placed in one of the sidebars. You can find many different DotNetNuke blog modules that will supply this for you. Make sure you share links to drive traffic to your site! Of course, DotNetNuke integrates with Google Analytics, so you can watch your traffic grow as your site gains more visitors.

Blogs are not just personal affairs anymore and some of the information on them is popular for quite a long time. This is why you need an archive DotNetNuke blog module. This allows you to keep your information around for a long time in an accessible form.

Getting a Good DotNetNuke Blog Module

You can get your DotNetNuke blog module piece by piece and, in some cases, you can get an all in one package. Experiment with a few to see what you like the best and remember that DotNetNuke is highly customizable and that you can change the look and feel of your blog very easily. The DotNetNuke blog module provides you with a framework so that you can be creative!