Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for eCommerce

Clients are the life-blood of your ecommerce business. If you don’t have clients you don’t have a business, and this is why people spend thousands of dollars to develop a wonderful site, advertise this site and have a product that people want. However, they often forget about the most important part of a successful eCommerce business - security. Every other part of your company can be perfect, but without it meeting the standards for PCI DSS, your ecommerce web site might end up being just a waste of your time and money. Following and surpassing PCI DSS means that you are taking the extra step to ensure your customers’ identity and safety. If you are considering Enterprise eCommerce or Business-to-Business eCommerce, security standards are even more important and impacting.

HIPPA compliant Ecommerce and SSL

Having SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secure eCommerce programming also keeps your clients’ private information private. Using HIPAA compliant e commerce development gives extra security to your system, should it contain any personal/medical information. These systems prevent people and other computers from gaining access to this sensitive information. When a customer sees that you care enough to offer them this protection, they are going to be more inclined to support your business now and in the future. In fact, some customers won’t even consider your company for a second, unless they are sure that you take customer security seriously.

Secure eCommerce Application Development

There are millions of applications being used this very minute across the world. However, only the good ones offer a secure connection. Having a secure eCommerce application is akin to having a security guard at the door to your store. Their job is to keep you and your customers protected from unsavory types of people. Whether this is keeping names and phone numbers off call lists or keeping credit card information private, they have a very important job to do. Having a leak in your eCommerce site’s security does not just cost your clients. When one of those unsavory types hits them, they are going to trace it back to your site. This can cost you money directly, and will definitely cost you money because of the bad publicity. No company wants to be known as the corporation too interested in profits to have a properly secure eCommerce application. To see examples of the quality and secure eCommerce applications we have built for our clients, check out our Project Portfolio.

How Secure Ecommerce Systems Benefit You

The goal of almost every business is to make money. Actually, the true goal is to make enough money that every quarter they are turning a sustainable profit. In order to do this, a successful ecommerce company needs several things: a product people want, an excellent web site, and a good security system. If there were one area of business where you shouldn’t skimp, it would be on the security.

With internet criminals becoming more advanced every minute, it can be a real challenge to keep up with them. This is why smart businesses have turned to the professionals to keep their business and clients safe. Clarity is one such business. With access to top of the line SSL secure eCommerce programming, they can ensure the safety of you and your clients. Their new HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS compliant e commerce developments help ensure the security of both your company and your clients. This leads to less money spent on constant upgrades. It also means happier customers since they know all of their dealings with you are secure. Both of these things lead to more profit for your company. If you would like to see how Clarity can help your company maintain adequate security for its Ecommerce applications and website, please contact us today.