ASP.NET Dynamics GP IntegrationThe power of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP lies in the fact that it can take information from various data sources and organize them all in the GP schema. This means that an organization that has many data sources, from the web for example, can ensure that all of that data is integrated into Great Plains and that they don’t have to rely on other systems to deal with that data. Dynamics GP, therefore, ensures that data from some sources is not isolated from data from others. Integration of all those data sources requires an integration platform, like Clarity Connect to map the fields, provide the physical integration and security of the data transfer, and potentially handle the bi-directional communication of data (i.e. pushing an order into GP, then sending back a generated invoice, etc.).

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The Role of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is one of the most popular of all Microsoft technologies. An incredibly powerful database tool, it is the foundation of many different web technologies and the bridge that allows data to be taken from the web and placed into Dynamics GP is the result of ASP.NET. ASP.NET is used to provide the Web Services that allow this to be done. This means, if you plan on taking on Dynamics GP integration at your company, that you have to make sure that you have a programmer that knows how to work with ASP.NET to get the job done right.


At the root of it, however, Dynamics GP is designed to provide a way for financial information to be distributed throughout a company.

eConnect is used to provide a way for the other application involved to get the data from the web into GP. This component can be customized by a programmer but functions out of the box. It is another foundational technology in making Dynamics GP more useful for businesses, by exposing a number of endpoints via a robust API for other developers to integrate with. Other technologies come into place, as well, such as the .NET, Biz Talk and MSMQ services. These all play a role in making this software as powerful as it is. This software has become so useful to so many different businesses, in part, because of its tremendous flexibility. There are occasions where eConnect may not expose access to customized entities or custom fields that are not part of the out-of-the-box GP schema. In these cases, your developer may need to write another integration via GP's web services (Clarity Connect has connectors for both eConnect and Web Services).

At the root of it, however, Dynamics GP is designed to provide a way for financial information to be distributed throughout a company. ASP.NET provides a way for that information to be taken right off of sites such as eCommerce sites and to be distributed immediately via a Dynamics GP eCommerce solution. Because of the power of this software, companies can be sure that it is distributed to the right people and that it is always available in a format that they understand. Having web integration of a GP product is one of the most useful things a company that does its business on the web can do for itself and ensures that money can be tracked and monitored with the greatest of precision on the web or off.

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