eCommerce Integration of Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM Integration with eConnect


Customizable for Your Business Needs

Businesses that work with eCommerce & Dynamics CRM that are interested in eCommerce & CRM integration can take a look at the eConnect features of Dynamics to see how the program can be modified to suit their needs. This feature means that businesses have a way to expose endpoints within the CRM system for external integration. Clarity has an integration platform called Clarity Connect, that we use to integrate with hundreds of line of business applications, such as Microsoft's Dynamics CRM. Already know the basics of Microsoft CRM? If you'd like to learn more about how Clarity can help your business, learn more about a Dynamics CRM integration.

Dynamics CRM eCommerce Integration

How It Works

"Businesses are able to offer a much higher level of customer service and to track the results of that customer service."

eCommerce Dashboard

Building Customer Loyalty

With eCommerce for Dynamics CRM, your site can become a solution that any business will want to take advantage of for both B2C, as well as B2B businesses. Dynamics CRM allows a business to make sure that their customers are being taken care of in a way that makes them want to come back and spend their money with the business again, transforming regular customers into return customers. Because of its powerful features, Dynamics CRM can instantly transmit data to employees and, depending upon what those employees need to know, the data can be tailored. This means more efficiency and better service for customers. It's no wonder that eCommerce integration for this service is a high priority among Microsoft and the people who use the software!


Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps reduce duplicate contact records

Reduce Duplicate Records

The Dynamics CRM eCommerce platform integration can be done in very customizable ways. Using the eConnect products, programmers can alter the way that data is transmitted to fit very specific criteria. There's no reason that any business has to rely on a solution that is designed for everyone; they can customize the solution to suit their own needs. Simple things like ensuring that an eCommerce application is verified to be unique, to prevent duplicate CRM contact records, and can pre-populate their contact information in subsequent logins.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps improve data quality

Improved Data Quality

The eCommerce integration allows the front-end web applications to send information to the back-office programs that, in turn, can be sent to the appropriate people within an organization. This is done using the Microsoft Office platform, so there's no need to worry that any of the employees that are working with the data will be unfamiliar with the presentation. Between being able to take data from the web and give it to people using the MS Office platform, the data remains useful and comprehensible.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps improve client satisfaction

Higher Client Satisfaction

The benefits of Microsoft CRM eCommerce are many. Businesses are able to offer a much higher level of customer service and to track the results of that customer service. They're also able to keep an open channel of communication with their clients to ensure that everyone is happy. Without this type of software, it's much harder for a business to stay on top where customer service is concerned and to ensure that their customers feel appreciated by the company that they're doing business with.

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