Microsoft GP eConnect is one of the company's premier eCommerce products. One of the most popular choices for businesses around the world, it allows for a very reliable system of communication between front and back office applications. The real purpose of eConnect is to allow the full power of Microsoft GP to be leveraged by an eCommerce business.

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GP eConnect Integration

Microsoft GP eConnect IntegrationMicrosoft GP eConnect is designed to work with the entire line of Microsoft products. Microsoft GP allows for very sophisticated financial tracking and analysis, and this is what makes it a popular tool for businesses. The Microsoft GP eConnect product simply allows this tool to be more usefully employed for eCommerce businesses and, in many ways, makes these businesses more productive. Both products are designed to be easily integrated into other Microsoft products.

Microsoft GP eConnect allows external applications, including Microsoft Office products, web storefronts and many others, to make changes to records. This means that you can easily integrate your web storefront into the system and make sure that all of your financial transactions are recorded properly and that your employees always have access to the most recent information.

Microsoft GP eConnect also has the capability of working with more than one data source. The program can be integrated by programmers and uses XML documents to communicate. It also uses XML to specify the data tables that it works with.

This software uses the .NET framework to communicate, as well as several other Microsoft developments. They include Microsoft Message Queuing and Microsoft BizTalk, as well.

Use of eConnect for your Website

EConnect allows businesses to streamline the interactions between front and back office applications.

EConnect allows businesses to streamline the interactions between front and back office applications. The product allows the information from the database to be instantly integrated into familiar formats. The Excel spreadsheet program, for instance, can take information from Microsoft GP which, in turn, can take information from web sites and other front office products via the Microsoft GP eConnect product. This means that the entire system used by an eCommerce business can be designed for maximum efficiency with one manufacturer's products, all of which are designed to work hand in hand with one another.

This software allows organizations to track their financials very accurately, from transactions to inventory to reporting. The integration with other Microsoft products is one of its strongest selling points and being based on tried-and-true solutions such as .NET makes it easy for programmers to customize to suit a client's needs.

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