Microsoft's Integration API, eConnect

Customer relationship management software is among the most important types of software for modern businesses. It allows an organization to streamline the communications process and, therefore, to provide an increased level of customer service to their customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is among the leading software products for this application. The eConnect feature for Dynamics CRM allows a business to vastly expand the capabilities of the software and to tailor it to suit the needs of businesses that do transactions and customer interaction online. eConnect is an add-on, usually included in the Enterprise license, that exposes the endpoints in CRM for integration with other platforms. It allows other integration platforms, like Clarity Connect, to speak to Dynamics CRM securely. It also allows CRM to be independently updated and not have the integration break. It's the one protected way to connect directly to Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365.

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Understanding Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM eConnectDynamics CRM is designed to bring the popular Microsoft office program format into the world of CRM software. This allows the employees of many different organizations to have a very easy experience when learning the software, as it is based on the standard Microsoft Office interface that should be familiar to them already. The eConnect feature allows data from a number of different sources to be sent to the back office application, which allows that data to be integrated into the materials accessible to the employees. This means that the entire Dynamics CRM can be fed data directly from a variety of applications, including Internet storefronts, marketplaces, portals, websites, mobile apps and many other sources.

The Benefits of eConnect

Dynamics CRM allows an organization to make sure that customers are taken care of from start to finish. Interaction from the beginning to the end can be easily tracked and sent to the proper people within the organization in a way that ensures that the customer is always getting the best service. Making this software work with a variety of different sources, however, is where eConnect comes into play. By using the eConnect feature, Dynamics CRM can become part of a solution that spans across many different technologies or applications and that allows businesses to ensure that their organization is always on top of what their customers need and that communication is never made difficult by technological barriers, such as a Dynamics CRM eCommerce solution, which can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue, conversions and drive traffic.

Putting CRM and eConnect Together

Dynamics CRM allows an organization to make sure that customers are taken care of from start to finish.

The eConnect part of Dynamics CRM is designed to be modified by programmers. This allows it to be customized to meet the needs of any business or their business processes. The type and frequency of reporting can be altered and different programs can be integrated into the data flow for the business. This makes it an extremely flexible product, which is one of the reasons that it was developed. Even though the CRM software that it works with is built on the Microsoft office interface, businesses tend to use a variety of applications on their front ends and the software is designed to accommodate that.

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