4 Reasons To Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN Evoq 7, Upgrading DotNetNuke CMS Newest

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to DNN Evoq 7

Why it's worth it to make the jump.

1. Stronger, Better IT Security.

Upgrade DNN Evoq 7

They say any publicity is good publicity, but you don't want the reason your company is the talk of the town to be that all your customer's passwords were compromised do you? With attacks and security holes showing up more and more frequently, IT security is on everyone's mind, and DNN is one step ahead. 

With hashed passwords, an automated password reset link, integrated password strength checker(including the option to ban the most commonly used passwords) and password history tracking, you can be sure your customer's data is safe. But it's still not a good idea to leave laptops in unlocked cars, after all, replacing laptops can get expensive.

2. Mobile? DNN Evoq 7 has that covered

Increasing amounts of users are visiting sites on mobile devices, and having a mobile ready website isn't just a novelty anymore, it's a necessity. You never know who's going to visit your site on a tablet while flying on the redeye to NYC, and you don't expect them to remember your site until they are in front of a computer again. With DNN Evoq 7 you'll be more equipped than ever to make sure your mobile site is ready for anything. You have access to device preview management, mobile preview, site redirection management, and easier than ever implementation of responsive site design.

3. DAM (Digital Asset Management)

It's been 20 years since 1994. Chances are your website is more than just text. Pictures, documents, PDFs, and quite possibly many others. With DNN Evoq 7's new Digital Asset Management, you can keep up to date version tracking, drag and drop uploading of files, document tagging, file subscriptions, multi-upload, and bring it all together with a file workflow. 

Digital Asset Management makes sure you don't need to have extra systems in place to manage your files and documents. Add in DNN's rights management functionality and you have an extremely robust system for file management that you can leverage both internally and with your customers.

4. Improved Searching; How You Find Things

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As we know from Google, you can build a better search. DNN Evoq 7 brings a new level of search functionality based on Lucene.net search libraries, you can now return users in search, use Fuzzy, WildCard and Exact searches, enable auto search suggestions and aggregate data like a search engine would using the new Advanced Search Crawler. 

These advanced searching algorithms content your users are trying to find quicker and easier, making not only the entire site experience better, but enabling your users to get more out of their limited time.

What's next?

If you're tired of dealing with different site administration portals, finding and managing a datacenter, installing and maintaining your DNN platform, worrying about bandwidth and location, and the various data management problems you can run into, you might be a good candidate for DNN Evoq 7's cloud hosting. And if you want to bring on a DNN Gold Partner to help with the upgrade, contact Clarity today for a free quote.

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