4 (Still) More Reasons To Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN Evoq 7, Upgrading DotNetNuke CMS Newest

4 (Still) More Reasons To Upgrade to the Latest Version of DNN

Why it's worth it to make the jump.

Features of DNN Evoq 7 Upgrade

1. Front-End Design

Web design with DNN Evoq 7 can be accomplished with more tools than ever before. HTML5 Compatibility brings DNN Evoq 7 in line with the latest version of the ubiquitous we design language. DIV based layouts are also new to the platform, being used in place of the now phased out table layout, DIV layouts offer greater control over various aspects of your site's layout as a whole. In addition to both of those features, numerous other improvements have been made to the responsive capabilities of DotNetNuke's Evoq platform.

2. Data-Access Methodologies

PetaPcoo's micro ORM that has been integrated into DNN Evoq 7 enhances your control and access to the many data layers that make up your site's framework. In contrast to more full fledged ORMs, PetaPoco's micro ORM focuses on the ease of use and simplicity of navigation. With the increased granular access to the inner working of various modules, the extensibility of those modules can be ensured

3. Content Management

At it's core, DNN is and has always been designed to be the best CMS on the market, and with DNN Evoq 7 CMS improvements have kept improving on the already impressive CMS functionality that made DNN so popular. With the new Page-Picker you can reuse page layouts across your site without having to manually change the content. Another welcome addition is the autosave feature, helping to make sure as little data as possible is lost in a process disruption or accidental closing of the workspace. Cross-site module sharing means you don't have to manually reconfigure a module when transferring it from one site to another. And finally, version comparison among content pieces enables you to keep track of changes even when different aspects of your site are changed by multiple people.

4. Administration

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One of the most extensively improved aspects of DNN Evoq 7 is Administration functionality. Bulk page management allows for large scale manipulation of pages, which can be incredibly helpful when reorganizing site structure and other situations where page alterations en masse are needed. The new Module Creator makes module production easier than ever, enabling even beginners create effective modules to suit their needs. The SQL module has been updated to allow the super-administrator to securely upload SQL files directly into the SQL management panel. Continuing with the advanced features, Code Mirror's code editor has been integrated into DNN Evoq 7 to allow users that really want to dig deeper to do so. And finally, if any of what has been covered here seems to be a bit too much, or even if you need a refresher, DNN has added Getting Started and Help videos.

What's next?

If these, and other reasons, have shown you why you should upgrade; and if you want to bring on a DNN Gold Partner to help with the upgrade, contact Clarity today for a free quote.