Cost-Benefit Analysis-DNN Pro, Enterprise and Community

Cost/Benefit Analysis of DNN Evoq Content, DNN Evoq Content Enterprise and DNN Evoq Platform

What's in a name?


Clarity is a DNN Gold certified partner - compare DNN Evoq, Content, EnterpriseShould your business upgrade to DNN Professional or DNN Enterprise (now called DNN Evoq Content and DNN Evoq Enterprise)? Or do your needs align more with the free Community edition (now called DNN Evoq platform? The following is a brief overview of the cost and benefits of each version of DNN.

DNN Evoq Content Enterprise Cost and Benefits

A one-year subscription of DNN Evoq Enterprise runs $8,000, a little more with additions. All this depends on the specific training, hardware configuration and support implemented. There are also licenses for production and staging servers, fail-over and now they offer their DNN versions as hosted and supported by DNN on Microsoft's Azure cloud. Click here to read more about their new Azure Cloud offering. The features include a wide range of enhancements and add-ons. Advanced content approval processes, granular permissions, file integrity checking, web server farm support, health monitoring UI customization, page and module caching are just a few of the benefits. Click here to read our review on their new Evoq Content best features. Additionally, DNN Enterprise includes configuration consultation, installation support, unlimited support via phone or online.






DNN Evoq Content (Professional) Cost and Benefits

The DotNetNuke Community edition (DNN Evoq Platform) is the foundation upon which the other two versions are built, and as such, it contains powerful features.

DNN Professional runs between $2,999 for a one-year subscription. Again, the price depends on the degree of training and support your team requires and the fail-over or staging licenses purchased. Features in DNN Evoq Content are quite similar to DNN Enterprise. Essentially, Evoq Content has all the same functionality as Enterprise, except Enterprise features a SharePoint connector, content staging, and additional support options. If your company does not use SharePoint, DNN Evoq Content is the most intelligent solution.


Additional DNN Comparison Considerations

The Evoq Platform (Community edition) is the core offering. This foundation lays the groundwork which the other two versions are built. Evoq’s powerful features help many people meet their needs. At Clarity, we can help you develop custom modules to suit your needs. If you opt for the Evoq Platform (Community edition), it’s important to make sure you have the latest version installed. Contact Clarity today if you need help deciding which edition of DNN is right for you.



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