A DotNetNuke (DNN) website is a site that uses the online content management system DNN. DotNetNuke or DNN uses innovative technology and is one of the most popular open source CMS , .NET and ASP developmental frameworks. Web developers enjoy using it to build professional looking websites with interactive features and content.


What are the basics of a DNN website?

Clarity | DNN Gold Certified partnerThe main reason why DNN is gaining popularity is because of the control it gives website developers. It easily allows you to control the settings for the pages, site and modules. A DNN website is easy to use and comes with many useful modules that will help you get the specific functionality you are looking for, while they are also easy to customize through modules, language packs, data providers and skins.

DNN is based on an ASP.net framework. To learn more about how Clarity can help you accomplish your goals with this technology please visit our ASP.net applications page.


What are skins?

Individuals operating a DNN website can access special skins for their site. The skin developers, Amol were able to separate content and design to create these new skins. These skins require only the understanding of HTML. DNN has a skinning engine where anyone can go to get free skins. Skins that are downloaded from the skinning engine can be uploaded to a DNN website using the administration pages of your website.


What are pages?

Every DNN website essentially starts out with nothing on it, you will have to add modules to a page to add more information to the pages. The modules will display different types of context. Most often the HTML or Text module is utilized. People who use a DNN website will also be able to change the security of a page. You can grant special permission to certain users. Perhaps the best part of using DNN website is that you are easily able to change the containers, modules and skin of your website.


What are containers?

Containers are very similar to skins, they decorate and make a DNN website look appealing. The design application of a container can be used on a page applied to only specific parts of a website with proper programming coding. It can be used with modules and is typically part of skin or controlled by a skin.


A container is good for isolating content and highlighting certain information and making things really standout visually on a website like a quote or banner.

A container is good for isolating content and highlighting certain information and making things really standout visually on a website like a quote or banner. Some people also like to use containers to add an extra space between web content or to break up ugly empty white space, which makes a web page unappealing to the eye. The best part of most DotNetNuke website containers is that they are free, you can find them on message boards and other websites.


What are modules?

A module is structural part of a column. Basic default DNN websites come with many modules that can be used to customize many functionalities of a site. These basic modules are able to create an eCommerce website or regular personal website. The regular functionality of DNN can be increased by using 3rd party modules. Modules are maintained by a group DNN community members.

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