DotNetNuke is now DNN

DNN Corp is Expanding Their Product Lines and Their Branding

DotNetNuke is now DNN | DNN Professional is now DNN Evoq
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Enhance Your Website's Performance With DotNetNuke Professional


One of the first priorities for any website is implementing a powerful, user-friendly, and customizable Content Management System (CMS). Clarity’s CMS of choice is the flexible, easy-to-use, and popular DotNetNuke (now called DNN Evoq). No matter who your website caters to or which initiatives it supports, the features in DotNetNuke  (DNN Evoq) can seamlessly fit into your organization’s needs and goals.


Open-Source Development for a Customized CMS


DNN Corp now DNNSoftware logoDotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) is an open-source CMS system, similar to Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla. This means the code is open for any developer to expand upon, improve, and adapt. The platform is fully customizable and always evolving, which makes it perfectly suited to each business or organization’s unique needs.

Simple, innovative features like Modules (add-ons) and Skins (design templates) complete the user-friendly package. DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) provides the functionality and speed to help with an array of goals and options.


For information on how DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) can help you, read the resources below.

dnn community vs dnn professional

DNN Community (DNN Evoq Platform) Vs.
DNN Professional (DNN Evoq Content)

The two main versions of DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) are the community edition and the professional edition. In short, the professional edition contains extended features and enhanced functionality, and many businesses opt for this edition. The community edition, on the other hand, is simpler, more user-friendly, and more accessible to a wide user base. Depending on your company’s needs, you may find that the community edition is an easier, more affordable alternative.

dotnetnuke vs other cms's

DNN Vs Other CMS’s

There are a variety of CMS’s to choose from for your business or company, and each CMS has its own advantages and disadvantages. As an open-source system, DotNetNuke’s code can be understood and improved upon by countless web development professionals. In comparison to other open-source CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal, DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) is more powerful, simple, and fully integrated into its admin system.

dotnetnuke and jquery

DNN and jQuery

jQuery is a coding language that, like Javascript, can add effects and interactive elements that take your website to the next level. jQUI-DNN is an exciting tool that makes jQuery deployment on the DotNetNuke module a breeze. Within this module you can add animated effects to website elements, make XML requests, create an image slideshow, make drop down menus, add interactive features to your web forms, and much more.

blogging with dnn

Blogging with DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq)

A blog is your website’s mainline to its audience and a way of sharing important news, events, and successes. In conjunction with social media, blogs are also a wonderful means of showing your consumer or client base a more personal side of your business. On the DotNetNuke (DNN Evoq) CMS, blogs are driven by a powerful and user-friendly “News Article” module suite. This suite allows your business to reach its audience quickly and effectively.