DNN Guide Selecting Your DNN Upgrade Specialist

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How to Select a Vendor to Conduct Your DNN Upgrade

DNN Guide to Exploring Your Options of Upgrade Specialists

Just as everything in life requires an upgrade once in a while, so does DotNetNuke. In order to perform best for your website, new versions are being released, which must be installed. When it comes to your unique site, there are many steps in upgrading specific layouts, modules, and so on. It isn’t as easy as copying files to a new version, so you may need an expert to help you in this process. With so many professionals out there, you need to be able to find someone who is a good match for your business. Now, let’s discuss what it is exactly that a DNN vendor does and what factors to look at when choosing one for your business.

DotNetNuke is a platform for everyone to use, so you may be wondering why you need a vendor for your upgrade. Well, a DNN developer is a professional or a team of professionals who will help your website achieve its maximum potential. They will help you move your modules and layout to the newest version of DNN without losing information on the way. Here are the reasons you should work a DNN specialist:


You can try to learn to upgrade your DNN on your own, but it’s not easy, and you may struggle to find the correct software, tools, and modules for your website. Since many business owners come from a non-technical background, this can take a long time. You can’t write a book by reading an article, and you can’t upgrade your DNN by watching an instructional video. Hiring a DNN developer will help you save time that you can focus on other tasks.


Your DNN website definitely has many custom modules that meet all your requirements, but these will also need to be modified with an upgrade. Each module has its own conditions, and it can be difficult to research this on your own. Instead, you can hire a professional with DNN development skills to upgrade your website.


Professional DNN developers have been working in this field for a long time, and they have upgraded hundreds of different websites. They have the knowledge and experience required to help your website reach its maximal potential and be the best it can be. You are surely going to benefit from this expertise.

What to look for in a DNN developer; There aren’t many things you have to do when looking for a DNN developer. But there are a few simple factors you have to look out for when selecting one. Now let’s look through the list to help you get a better understanding of what must be done.

Quick Response

Many developers take up doing multiple projects with different customers at the same time, so your requests may not be handled timely. Sometimes, there may be urgent matters that do not meet your requirements, and your developer may get back to you much later. So, before you finalize your decision about a DNN vendor, ensure it doesn’t take them more than a day to handle your concerns. If there are long delays in an initial discussion, then this is most likely what the future will also be like, so find someone who is punctual with responses.

Skills and Experience

Of course, when searching for a DNNs developer, you have to make sure they have the proper skills. These include knowledge of: The general DNN setup, Modules, Upgrading Process, and Custom Requirements

They should also have some hands-on experience with modifying the DNN platform. When checking out a developer, try to look into their past. If your setup is complicated, try to find someone with more experience rather than someone just starting off.

Past Work and Portfolio

Before you select a DNN vendor, you should check out their portfolio. Look around to find websites they have upgraded and whether they are compatible with your needs. Ask for references and check up on past clients to see what their experience with the developer has been like.

We also recommend checking up on the developer using review sites and seeing what other people have to say. You may also find their social media pages to see their interactions with other people. Remember the right DNN developer should:

  • Meet your deadlines
  • Deliver good results
  • Listen to your voiced concerns
  • Follow the guidelines you have set
  • Keep your website layout consistent after the upgrade


Pricing is always a key factor that comes into play when choosing anything, and that includes a DNN developer. You may be considering cutting costs to save money, but this may be something you come to regret later. A website is a large part of any business, and especially those with a digital marketing plan. Most reliable businesses have a high-quality website that functions well in order to attract new customers and keep the older ones engaged. So, consider this price an investment into your business, as it is going to help you increase your revenue.

But, this doesn’t mean you should accept any offer that comes your way. Before you finalize your decision on a DNN developer, do some research. Look at review sites, read forums, and checkout informational websites. This should help you compare the pricing of different DNN vendors and developers. Once you compare, you will be able to figure out what price range is normal for this type of service. Only then should you make a final choice and hire a DNN developer with high-quality services and also a competitive price.

Keeping Clarity In Mind

We Hope Our Guide Helped!

With so many available options on the market for DNN developers, finding the right for you can be a stressful task. But don’t let this daunt you at all, instead just be careful. Observe the above-mentioned tips thoroughly, and this will surely help make the selection process a bit simpler. Check out reviews, compare profiles, invest your money, and find the right developer to upgrade your DNN site for you!

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