DNN Guide Harness the Power of DNN Forms

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DNN Guide Harnessing the Power of DNN Forms

DNN short for DotNetNuke is a robust database content management system used by web designers to create or upgrade stand-alone web pages separately before going live on a website. With DotNetNuke, you can also create forms and include them on a web page within minutes. Its flexibility and user-friendliness pose a great advantage for all users. DNN web forms builder are very user-friendly have a beautiful easy-to-use interface. You have a variety of styles to pick from, with a flexible drag-and-drop feature to enable you to organize and position each form any way you like. DNN web forms can be a powerful interaction tool which, when used correctly, can create a strong synergy between visitors and website owners, where transmission of vital information is seamless.


Selecting the Right Form for the Right Job

You can get started using DNN web forms today by visiting DNN’s web forms builder page here. The following steps below will guide you in your journey to creating beautiful and interactive web forms:

  • Access the persona bar and select the “Manage” option.
  • Click on forms, and you will immediately get a list of existing forms.
  • You have the option of either editing or deleting any of them.
  • To create a new form, click the “Create Form” option to launch the DNN web forms builder.
  • There will be an assortment of over 20 input field styles at your disposal.
  • Pick and drag any one of them onto your new form.
  • You can resize and reshape each input field as you wish.
  • You can also customize your form layouts just the way you like.

Note that DNN also allows designers and web developers to create custom forms as it suits them. However, they must be appropriately configured and conform to restrictions and authorizations were applicable, so that there are no errors.

Before you start creating your DNN web forms, you should understand that there are different kinds of forms, and each of them serves a specific purpose. Currently, there are four main types of web forms, namely: Contact Forms, Support Forms, Custom Forms, and Search Forms

Contact Forms

Contact forms are used mainly on business and eCommerce sites. They are one of the very important and most famous of all DNN forms. Contact forms allow site visitors to quickly fill out necessary fields to get their information across to site owners and marketers for feedback on important news and information. As a site owner, you can customize your contact form to appear only to specific individuals. Contact forms take various shapes, sizes and designs, and you are at liberty to choose any one of them that fits your brand.

Support Forms

Support forms are one of DNN’s many great ways of providing technical support for customers. Their design is generally to generate a token number anytime a user makes an enquiry or asks for help. On completion, the request information is sent back to the technical support team for processing. Support forms are automated tools that make customer care a lot much easier for site operators.

Custom Forms

DNN content management is an open-source system with lots of outside contributions from a great developer community. It allows software developers to add customizable features to its forms; this is one of the main reasons DNN CMS is so powerful and used by most website owners. Custom forms, when dynamically designed, can be used a beneficial, flexible and user-friendly avenue through which site owners and their respective visitors can strike some form of bond.

Search Forms

Search forms are one of the most unique of all DNN forms. Their distinction is because DotNetNuke has a robust design with an SQL server. SQL makes for the perfect database management, and as a result, database searches are highly optimized. DNN has many different kinds of search forms that allow more accurate and sophisticated searches from users. Some of these types of searches include partial, fuzzy and wildcard, just to name a few.

Breaking Down the Benefits and Advantages of DNN Forms

Benefits of DNN Forms

There are a ton of benefits you get from using DNN forms in websites. Some of these benefits are briefly outlined below:

  • Saves Time: DNN web forms builder is a huge time saver. You can create forms quickly and seamlessly. Business people and marketers alike find this very useful because they can build forms rapidly without having any prior knowledge in web development.
  • Web Presence: DNN web forms are a great way to build a robust online presence with your brand.
  • Increases Conversion Rate: This is another excellent benefit of using web forms builder. When you implement forms in website pages, you boost conversion rates by a dozen folds. E-mail newsletters are a great example of how you can convert your traffic into significant sales numbers.
  • Flexible & Customizable Features: Using DNN web forms builder gives you the leverage of designing your webforms any way you want them. You have a range of stunning templates to pick from and tweak as it meets your taste and preferences.
  • Highly Secure: DNN web forms are highly secure and are controlled by the SQL database management system at a very granule level to prevent infiltration.
  • Open Source Community: DotNetNuke has a very robust open source community that makes many contributions to their platform, so you always abreast of the latest features and additions to DNN’s software packages.
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