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Importance of Carefully Selecting Your Vendor and Understanding The Development Cycle

Introduction to DNN Custom Theme Development

If you have used it well, you must have realized that DNN is not just an ordinary content management system. It has a unique and powerful theme building framework. With it, you can create customized solutions that meet your needs.

A perfect theme is one that is customized to meet your needs and is responsive/compatible with a wide range of browsers. With the right building approach, it is easy to get such a DNN theme hassle-free. You, however, need to be clear in mind about what you need for your business.

When designed correctly right from the start, DNN themes rarely give you a headache when it comes to performance. You won’t spend sleepless nights trying to squeeze every iota of performance, so you rank better in Google and other search engines. So what’s the secret to getting such a theme? Well, choose the right developer.

A quick search online on DNN theme developers will lead you to many options. You will find many developers, each claiming to be the best. However, a promise is different from the actual work. Only experienced DNN themes developers can help you transform your idea into an excellent DNN theme that is user friendly.

Where Do I Get Started?

Theme Development Best Practices

In a nutshell, best practices imply methods or processes that are effective in delivering a desired outcome better than any other method or process. Such practices should require less effort (efficient) and be able to produce the best results.

In theme development, best practices revolve around many areas right from the design stage to the completion of an integrated DNN theme. You can only get a complete solution if the right practices are in place at every stage of development.

One of the best practices is the ability to use the Bootstrap framework to utilize all benefits of all devices that DNN design and skin support. To do so, you need to work with experienced developers who understand how to tap the DNN potential fully.

Another best practice is the ability to deliver not only a clean & fresh design, but also a unique and innovative layout. To complete the layout, using appropriate and great content makes everything perfect. With a good team of developers, it is quite easy to make a layout that meets your requirement.

For better performance, designing the best skin, of course, bearing in mind all technical aspects, is vital for an excellent performance. But that’s not all. Other practices such as the application of the best on-page SEO keywords and high-quality content gives the best results.

Selecting Your DNN Theme Developer

How to Select DNN Theme

DNN themes can be used to create many kinds of websites. Essentially, different themes are good for different markets. You, therefore, need to be careful when making your choice, so you get a perfect one that meets the needs of your niche. The rule of thumb is that your theme should always complement the kind of content you have on your website. Here’s the best way to determine the best. If your website, for instance, is about a product, you should get a theme that best sells your products to readers.

One astounding thing about DNN themes is that they come with options for customization. However, you ought to be careful with them. If you don’t code them well, it can be hard to change them later. You must, therefore, get it right from the beginning.

DNN themes are great. They are even excellent if you go for those that are perfect for your market. For your information, you can only enjoy top performance if you have the best theme for your website. Get reliable developers and set up DNN templates that will make work easier for you. Here are vital things to analyze when selecting the best DNN website themes:


A responsive theme is one that quickly adjusts its layout across different devices and screen sizes. So, you should go for mobile-friendly themes. For your information, the highest percentage of traffic often comes from mobile devices.

Interestingly, by default, most DNN themes are already responsive. However, your choice should go for layouts that are friendly to traffic from mobile phones. With the right theme, you can get such a layout, and the traffic thereafter might be what you ever needed to improve performance.

Browser Compatibility

Look, when selecting a theme, don’t just assess it based on how it looks on your browser. Not every visitor to your site will have a similar browser. Now, here’s where browser compatibility comes in. Use the best tools to determine it and go for the most compatible option.

You should also test it on a couple of mobile devices before you decide that you are going for particular DNN templates. Do you want more hint? Test it on leading browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, safer, and internet explorer.

Support Options

Issues are bound to occur anytime. You can easily mess up with your theme anytime. When it happens, it is easy to get out of the mess with themes that have a support option. So, get a DNN theme that has the best support option.

Rating and User Feedback

You are, of course, not the first user of DNN themes. Others have used them, and they have learned a lot about them. A good indicator of the best theme is ratings and customer reviews. Go for what others say is the best and works. If possible, ask developers about the best themes. They will give you honest reviews that will help you make the right selection.

Usability and Simplicity

Select a theme that best matches your website needs without compromising user experience. You will notice that most DNN themes come with lots of layouts and colors. While they are great, you might not necessarily need all that depending on your market.

Avoid themes that look overly complicated. Visitors won’t spend time on something that looks complicated. Even if it looks great, know that you want something that helps your business. So, make it easy for your visitors to navigate your website.

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