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Checklist of To-Dos for Upgrading Your Site

How to Conduct Your DNN Upgrade

Everyone wants highly functional software with minimal problems, and that’s why we often activate our post notification for upgrades. Same applies with DNN, and although the application usually does most of the work directing you through the upgrade process, it wouldn’t hurt to ensure it runs smoothly.

You may have been wanting to upgrade DotNetNuke but putting it off due to different concerns about the install. Don’t fret. The upgrade process is more direct than you think. Firstly, you should know various upgrade best practices involved in every step of the way.

In this article, we discuss the best practices to employ when upgrading a website. We will cover things to take note of before, during and after the installation. Hopefully, the steps mentioned further fortifies the effortless experience you and your team will have with DNN.

How to Conduct Your DNN Upgrade
Reviewing Industry Standards and Best Practices

DNN Upgrade Best Practices

In simple terms, this involves you taking a copy of new files from an up to date version and adding it to your previous version. The actual process requires a little than that but be rest assured that the application will take you through a step by step guide with the instructions you need. If you have the following issues you should consider speaking to a DNN professional; High traffic site that contains custom modules, A third part integrated site

Furthermore, with upgrades come a little less complexity. Earlier versions since 2002 are more complicated than the later ones. Before you go on upgrading website, you should consider the following:

Scan Before Website Upgrading

Prevent website hacks by scanning for ASP and PHP. Some website backups are already hacked or contain a virus that can negatively affect your DNN upgrade. Use your antivirus software to carry out Scanning of the file system. Make sure to overwrite core files with differences before proceeding. An important tip you must not forget is: Don’t tamper with core code files and never make any form of core code changes

Upgrade Regularly

Make sure to not fall behind on upgrades. Upgrade your website as frequently as there is an update. The longer you leave this process, the higher the amount of work required when you finally get around to it; thus significantly increasing the tendency for issues to occur. Furthermore, the most you should allow is two releases late, anything more than this is not advisable.

Test-run Your Upgrade

Test using a backup site before you commence DNN upgrade. By taking this step, you ensure awareness of any problems that may arise, i.e. glitches. While doing this DNN test on a backup site, you should ensure that:
a. Design of your website is still in line with skins
b. Integrations are running correctly
c. Modules are functioning optimally

Most of the time there is no cause for concern, but it is advisable to become rest assured before you proceed to upgrade DNN on your website; this way you get a first-hand experience of the post-upgrade look and functioning.

Say Goodbye to Unused Extensions Most websites accommodate the installation of third-party extensions. Over time, there is an accumulation of unused extensions due to various reasons which include;
• Replacement of current extensions with others
• Installation for future use without ever being utilized.

The reason doesn’t affect the fact that there should be un-instalment of all extensions not in use: the higher your installed extensions, the higher your risk of DNN upgrade failure.

To be able to function well sometimes you need to declutter and let go of the things that are no longer useful; in the same way, you need to uninstall extensions before updating the website.

After “cleaning house” don’t forget to update all existing extensions. Some commercial extensions require an upgrade fee. You can decide to make this a part of your website annual budget. Let your third-party upgrade compliment you’re the specific DNN you have or wish to install.

Upgrade Step by Step

You may decide to upgrade DNN from your current version to the most recent version. The upgrade should be sequential to avoid issues from arising; This is part of the reason we advised website regular update, so you don’t skip versions in-between.

Take, for example, you are currently on 05.04.04, and install 09.01.01 is available; you may have it running smoothly for months, but it is only a matter of time before you start seeing one issue or the other. Firstly update the consequent version, i.e. 05.04.04 to 05.06.08 to 06.02.08 and so on.

For each one, back up and test on before proceeding. Ensuring instalment of subsequent versions may seem voluminous, but it is worth the stress it’ll save you down the line and also the prolonged stability it guarantees.

Verify your Third Party and Custom Extensions

A link exists between f some of the problems you may face when carrying out an upgrade and Customs extension (mostly) and a third party. You should ensure the reputation of the vendor whose extension you choose. Make sure it is fully compatible with the DNN upgrade you intend to carry out.

In the case where you own a custom extension, regular rebuilding against newer versions of is necessary to address any updated API changes. If you can do this, you save the time and effort that troubleshooting requires instead of upgrading.

Keeping Clarity In Mind

We Hope Our Guide Helped!

Prevention is better than cure, they say. If you follow the tips shared above, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort when upgrading the website. So make sure to implement the various upgrade best practices to enable you to get a smooth experience with upgrading DNN.

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