Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your DNN Site

Why it's worth it to make the jump.

1. Stronger, Better Security.

Upgrade DNN Evoq 7

The number 1 reason why customers are willing to purchase from a business, especially online, is a sense of trust between you the merchant, and your customers, but the fastest way to erode that trust are security breaches that lead to data theft or an inability for your website to function as intended.

There is a belief that similar to Moore’s Law, our understanding of technology and its applications grow at an exponential rate. However, this isn't exclusive to technology that has positive uses as those who seek to to use technology for malicious intent are also growing in their understanding of platform vulnerabilities daily. This is the reason that companies like DNN (DotNetNuke) continue to develop new and improved platforms to shore up vulnerabilities. Simply put, if you are on an outdated version of DNN, you may be at risk.

2. Performance? DNN 9 has that covered

Performance covers many aspects of the use of a website. This can mean the ability to process requests quickly or how well Google can index your site and display it when potential customers are searching for your services. Lagging behind the current versions of DNN causes “unexpected” encounters with your website which can confuse search engines & plugins (i.e. your payment processor), which ultimately can lead to a degradation of your user experience.

3. DAM (Digital Asset Management) & Design Features

Enough doom and gloom. The best part of owning a website (besides being in business) is making it look and feel exciting to your customers. As business owners we are constantly thinking about the end user and the experiences they have when they engage with our company and our websites. New versions of DNN come with more “bells and whistles” that allow you the freedom to express your brand in ways you never know that you wished for. For example Dnn’s Liquid Content allows you to easily create and manage the content on your site without having to code your way through the back end. This decreases the time involved with updating your site, keeping your customer engagement high, leading to improved conversion rates.

4. Improved Searching; How You Find Things

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As we know from Google, you can build a better search. DNN 9 brings new search functionalities, enabling auto search suggestions, and you can now return users to previous searches

These advanced search features allow your users to make purchases more efficiently, making not only the entire site experience better, but enabling your users to get more out of their limited time.

5. Advanced Functionality; Create & Achieve Like Never Before

If you are happy with the front end of your DNN site, we have to look into the back-end functionality. Simply put, your website should be your ally, not your enemy. Here at Clarity we work with our customers to uncover opportunities for functionality improvements, increase quality of life and company productivity, and ultimately improve what matters most, your bottom line.

To summarize; keeping your site up to date on the latest version of DNN secures your company’s ability to protect your customers, keep operations smooth and looking great giving you the tools you need to win over the market. As one of the premier DotNetNuke Partners, we are experts in delivering professional DNN support and training.

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