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Capabilities of Using the DNN Framework and C#

What is the Relationship Between C# and DNN?

The DNN Platform is based on the. NET architecture and is supposed to be simple to use, all without demanding advanced programming expertise. DNN has gained the credibility of being among the most commonly deployed web frameworks. The capabilities of the DNN Framework include interface modifications that make it easier to modify the look of a site and the option to incorporate extra functionality to third-party plugins. In essence, DNN technology has been developed to promote the work of programmers, engineers, content moderators, and admins.

C# is pronounced "C-Sharp." Developed in 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg, C# is a programming language devised to deliver a general-purpose approach to several different problems. It was developed when Sun (later owned by Oracle) didn't want Microsoft to create Java changes, so Microsoft decided to develop its language instead. C# has evolved steadily since its inception, with substantial support from Microsoft enabling it to achieve a wide follow-up; it has become one of the most prominent widely used programming languages. It is popular for a wide range of applications and enhancements that put it in line with current priorities for performance and functionality.

C# is also considered to be a hybrid that combines most of C and C++ to construct a fully modernized language. C# can be used to construct almost anything but is especially effective when creating Windows desktop games and applications. With the support of C# language, users can build various sorts of safe and durable applications:

  • Window applications and games
  • Web Solutions
  • Distributed Projects
  • Web service applications
  • Server implementations and so forth

Windows Applications

Prevent website hacks by scanning for ASP and PHP. Some website backups are already hacked or contain a virus that can negatively affect your DNN upgrade. Use your antivirus software to carry out Scanning of the file system. Make sure to overwrite core files with differences before proceeding. An important tip you must not forget is: Don’t tamper with core code files and never make any form of core code changes

Provision of Benefits

The key benefit for use in C # is that it functions on CLR, making it easy to implement and streamline. .NET Framework class Libraries are comprehensive and have much greater support for unique features than Java. Uses of C # have particular language constructs which value above Java again. The new version of C # programming applications has allowed functionality such as extension methods, lambda, and query language.


C # is commonly used to build games through the Unity Game Engine that is the most widely known today. Over one-third of the top games are built with Unity, and there are currently 770 million active users of games built using the Unity engine. Applications are not restricted to conventional game creation; they can include augmented reality games.

C # is a very common method for developing these programs, making a perfect option for any developer looking to enter into the game production field or someone involved in virtual reality.

A Demanded Skill

Being strong, scalable, and excellently-supported, C # has recently emerged as one of the most widely used programming languages around. Currently, it is the fourth most prominent programming language, with about 31 percent of all programmers using it daily.

This success transforms into a booming work market — more than 17,000 C # positions are marketed monthly (globally) with an annual wage of even more than $72,000. Around the US alone, more than 6,000 positions are published every month with an average wage of $92,000.

Why convert the DNN VB.net based modules to C#?

Direct Correlations between C# and DNN

DotNetNuke and C# share one significant feature: they are known to several different people. There seem to be a lot of developers out there who are experienced with C# and switching modules to this language allows interacting with DotNetNuke simpler for them.

At the basic level of the webpage and C# and DNN are related, but ASP may be assumed to be among the two. You use ASP as a template for a site when building a web page using DotNetNuke. C # is among the ASP-compatible programming languages and is hence used on certain DotNetNuke functions.

To construct interactive data on a web page, DotNetNuke and C# are implemented together. Since ASP can be used in this language, a user can make use of the C# programming language to build modules and mount them on the DotNetNuke CMS framework. It is one of the most popular instruments required for this function. With ASP, VB.NET can be used as well.

It's a nice learning opportunity for 'not so seasoned' developers of .NET who are still practicing C#. You have a properly running (VB) module on the one hand and a not-yet-good running C# module on the other. C # is the preferred language for virtually any specialist. NET developer, so it'll be easier to find someone who can appreciate the origins of the module and maybe have any code upgrades.

High Efficiency

DNN provides a fantastic user experience for site users by running and uploading pages very easily. That is feasible with performance-enhancing features such as web farms, website cache, and device cache. It also boosts SEO, with the leading search ranking sites, depending on the speed of the web search function.

Substantial Customizability

With DNN, one can make individualized websites following a similar default model and design template. It has several free extensions, which are less obsolete relative to other CMSs. Besides, the paying extensions are also distributed at various price points.


DotNetNuke has proved to offer outstanding security with an advanced security paradigm in the CMS architecture. It sorts users into categories depending on the form of service and offers unique permissions. It also helps to create stable websites for validation, authentication, and bug monitoring.

How the Experts Can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

Clarity, as a DNN development shop, has to support the websites we build. That means that when clients come to us to upgrade their DNN site to a newer version, all of the modules that we've used on their site must support the newer version as well. Very few DNN module development companies keep up with DNN and support the latest versions well enough that we use their modules on nearly every client DNN site we build. With C# as an industry standard in module development, Clarity's team can be the experts your business needs to continue to succeed.

Clarity Ventures DNN Experts

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