DNN Guide Azure Hosting and Configuration

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A Comprehensive Guide about DNN Azure Hosting and Configuration

Creating a New Azure Website

Let’s face it! DNN remains a feature-rich and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). Also, its extensibility and security are just amazing, not forgetting its great built-in tools. (Azure HIPAA compliance is a very real possibility for a company that needs to protect medical information.) If you haven’t tried it, then you are missing out on a great system that could give you a competitive edge over your rivals in your industry.

The Azure cloud platform, on the other hand, with its more than two hundred products and cloud services, is a perfect solution to today’s technological challenges, especially in hosting. It operates seamlessly, and security is also highly reliable. Now, here is the real story. Imagine DNN hosting in the Azure cloud! How would that be when it comes to the features we’ve mentioned and especially security?

Creating a New Azure Website

Without a doubt, this is something you’ve got to try if you haven’t tried it already. Ask any web hosting expert about Microsoft Azure websites, and you’ll realize that you are missing out on a great product. Just to shed more light, DNN on Azure websites is like that favorite meal you can’t afford to miss when you get home or during a weekend when spending your leisure. They work together perfectly, and you’d think that the developers of Azure hosting had DNN in mind when they were making their product.

If you do not already have an Azure Website, then this is your piece. You have all the right reasons to create one since it comes with lots of free stuff. So what do you need to enjoy all these? Here’s it; create a new Azure subscription. Briefly, an Azure subscription refers to an account that you create, so you access and use Azure resources. Perhaps, you are wondering why it is called an Azure subscription instead of just an Azure account.

Well, the term subscription takes care of some on-going fee that you’ll pay once you start using Azure resources, of course, after the trial period. Please, note that the creation process is entirely free. You will only pay once you begin utilizing the resources in your account. In simple terms, before you start spending, Azure gives you many introductory offers.

The good thing is that the offers you get are sufficient for you to run your DNN website for a whole month for free. During the period, you’ll be able to make a proper assessment before you can commit to paying a subscription fee for further services/resources.

At this juncture, it is now good to explore the creation process, so you give a try if you already do not have an account. Do not miss the many free offers that you get after creating an account. Get a free trial and taste what others are enjoying.

Use These Three Simple Steps to Enjoy a Free New Azure Subscription

DNN Installation and Azure Configuration

The first step for you is to visit the Windows Azure Website by searching “Windows Azure” online or use this link http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/free-trial/ to get to the homepage where you will get an overview of the services you will enjoy.

On the homepage, below the icon that talks about a free one month trial, you will see “Try it now”. If you are a first time user, trying it would be great for you, so click the try option. Also, take a few minutes to scan through the whole page to get a rough idea of what it’s all about before you proceed to the next stage.

The second step is to log in to Windows Azure using your Microsoft account, so you sign up. If you have one, use it, but if you do not have, create one since the process is simple. However, it is not a must for you to have a Microsoft based email to be able to create an account, but of course, having one would be great.

Thirdly, complete the sign-up process. You will need to provide a few more details. More precisely, complete the following easy procedure:

  • Indicate your country or region to set your currency for purposes of subscription/billing later. Note that once you fill these details, you won’t be able to change them, so be extra careful.
  • Verify your account either through a phone call or a text message to confirm that you are not a robot.
  • After verification, payment information spaces will pop up. For a new free trial, skip them. You can always add after testing the resources and affirming that, indeed, it works.
  • Sign up the agreement by simply ticking the box at the end.

At this stage, you are ready to enjoy fantastic offers in the cloud. Usually, Azure will give you one free one month to try out its resources. The first and most important trial you ought to take is a DNN installation.

While DNN installation and configuration is quite a process, the fact remains that it is simple and you can do it yourself. You, however, need to prepare a checklist first to help you ensure that all the important details are beforehand before the installation.

To make your process easy, note down the account names that you will use for your account. You will need a couple of these and not just one. More precisely, you will need Azure names of website, SQL Server, SQL Azure database.

You will also need to create usernames and passwords such as login username & password, and DNN Host username & password. So, create and keep these in advance, so you won’t have to start guessing them once you start the installation and configuration process. You’ll find a detailed procedure on DNN’s website that will guide you to completion.

How the Experts can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

As you have noted, the process of creating a new DNN and Azure website is not as complicated as it might look. Maybe what many do not know is that one does not have to pay right when creating/installing. Truth be told, DNN hosting on the Azure website is great, and you have a whole month of trial that comes with amazing resources. You’ve got to try this out!

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