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Importance of Adding Forums and Communities to WordPress

Understanding Caching and Performance Tuning

The >DotNukeNet (DNN) Platform is free and open source software that is based on Microsoft .NET. DNN is one of the best web application and website content management systems (CMS). Many website applications are monitored by this CMS, helping your company to maintain multiple website applications that are fully customized. This DNN system is licensed by commercial proprietary and MIT. The programming languages that DNN uses are Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, and C#. This Content Management System is developed by the DNN Corporation, which was founded in the year 2006 by Scott Wilhite, Shaun Walker, Joe Brinkman, and Nik Kalyani. They are known as the leaders of this open-source project in the world of Information Technology. In this CMS, object caching is performed in caches and modules, just to avoid the repeated coming request from the same object.

Website performance optimization is the only way to maintain your website’s health. With constant changes in content, the basic purpose of DNN is just to cut the cost that is required for website maintenance. This open-source software is meant to help non-technical staff to add relevant website pages without any external help. You can change the layout of the pages and you can add new features and pages onto your website. Yes, it's the best user-friendly method! This CMS provides a platform to sync with the demands of the market. DotNukeNet helps to maintain new content without the involvement of any computer programmer. DNN caching and performance tuning is the best available factor incorporated to optimize the website.

Importance of Adding Forums and Communities to WordPress

What are Forums and Communities?

To operate this open-source software you must know what DNN caching is and why this is the most important part of this content management system. Caching is a process in any CMS that holds temporary storage and multiple copied files in the cache. Caching enables the website to load faster as DNS servers have lookups for their DNS records, similar to how web browsers cache HTML files, Javascript and images to load web pages more quickly. CDN server reduces content cache, images, Javascript, and HTML files that are stored in the web. The data retrieval performance rate becomes maximized when the cache stores the data inside. All the data is stored in RAM. DNN caching servers work at a quick speed. The page request is received on the back end of the CMS.

Within no time, it proceeds to the server resulting in an HTML file that is quickly sent to the visitor’s browser. As long as the caching is turned on, the server will always store the HTML files. DNN consists of two types of caching one is related to the server, and the other to the browser. When visiting a website, you don't need to retrieve the files a second time as the browser caches the file for a short period. By doing so, the load time is decreased.

The other type, server caching, saves all the requests in a cluster and shows the result and this is much faster and happens in seconds. Object cache saves a minimum amount of data while its cache reduces the website load by avoiding loading the same objects repeatedly.

Efficient, Performant, and Suprisingly Easy to Do

DNN Performance Tuning

Proper maintenance and configuration is undertaken by DNN performance tuning. Two modules are necessary for performance tuning. One is the ModuleCache and another is the PageOutputCache.

These are the configuration elements helping to optimize performance of your website. Cache modes are configured under: “Host" > Host Settings > Advanced Settings > performance. The options to store the cache are by memory or by file. Whereas the Page Output Cache shows the benefits of Evoq content DNN users do not have this option as page output cache applies to all modules, content, menu, and the entire pages of the website.

DNN sites can work smoothly and properly by using these two types of parameters: the Module Cache and Page Output Cache. These modules are beneficial with the DNN performance tuning needs.

Removing what isn't needed and optimizing what is

Improving Website Load Time

Every OS needs the latest version to upgrade its servers, and the same goes for DNN management systems. Always upgrade to the latest version of CMS. As the performance of any website and webpages depend on the functions and features that the latest management version holds. New security updates are more likely to be found. The previous cache settings were altered when you upgraded with a DNN installation.

Unnecessary assemblies do exist in every content management system. Uninstalling the unwanted modules from the bin was automatic; there, space will be freed for cache files. Eliminating spider agents from the robots.txt file will help to minimize the load that gathers from the search engine. By doing this with your CMS too it will reduce the website’s loading time.

Major factors required to improve the website's load time include:

  • Optimizing the HTML
  • Avoiding bad request
  • Selecting perfect sized images
  • Reducing the number of HTTP requests by combining CSS files into small sets
  • Preferring text over images
  • Avoiding unnecessary redirects on your website
  • Using Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Minimizing the page content spice by zip compression
  • Cache the output from the browser
  • Focus on hosting infrastructure
So what do the industry experts think?

DNN as the Best Content Management System

DNN, a website-based software application, is providing multiple benefits as it is user-friendly, and it can be maneuvered easily by anyone who knows DotNetNuke. DNN is considered to be the best CMS because it provides the built-in high-security model in CMS architecture. It tracks unwanted bugs and provides validation that is helpful to build the most secure website.

In this CMS almost all data is stored in a MS SQL database protected by a quick security check. With DNN you can even make a tailor-made website. By using the beautiful models and templates the designing is based on the API of the website. DNN provides you with free multiple extensions to sort out your work problems but it also has paid content. DNN has an e-commerce solution providing you with digital downloading, selling goods, and much more.

How the Experts can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

In every CMS cache the ability to enhance the website speed without harming any other file is paramount. DotNetNuke’s performance can be measured by tools like the Google Page Speed tool. CopperEgg is another great tool to monitor the services and performance of DNN. Another tool “page generated skin objects” display how much time is being taken to generate a website page on the server. This tool is available free at Extension Forge. By experimenting with these tools DotNetNuke will provide you with the best performance that optimizes your website uptime, speed, and performance as well as the website load being maximized by a DNN caching system.

Clarity Ventures DNN Experts

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