Clarity DNN Training series on DNN community vs professional edition

DNN Evoq vs. Evoq Content

i.e. DotNetNuke Community Edition vs. Professional Edition

DotNetNuke Community Edition, commonly referred to as CE (now called DNN Evoq Platform), has significant differences from the Professional Edition (PE - now called DNN Evoq Content) of the software. Clarity recommends, and businesses typically prefer Evoq Content (Professional) over Evoq (community edition) for its enhanced functionalities. The popular content management system allows development to be more efficient at the advanced levels of the product, and has additional added benefits.

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Basic Differences

DNN Evoq Content (DotNetNuke Professional) is designed for organizations and users that have sophisticated security needs. Evoq Content offers granular permissions that allow security rights to be given based on the folder, the module and even the page. Now, editing and contributions to pages can be strictly controlled; a feature Evoq doesn't offer. There are also many new features that used to require the purchase of 3rd-party modules, such as the ifinity SEO-friendly URL module, a document management module, a mobile design / skin module, and much more. For a more comprehensive review of the new features of DNN Evoq Content, please read the blog post by Ron Halversen titled, "DNN Evoq Content | What the New Evoq Lineup Brings You."

Clarity compares Evoq (Community Edition) with Evoq Content (Evoq Content Edition)In the Evoq Content solution, the configuration manager allows you to automate some of your configuration tasks, which makes site administration more efficient. This is important for businesses that pay someone to complete these tasks. The Evoq Content edition allows some nice conveniences for users. The site search feature allows for more variations in how the user searches. It can perform fuzzy searches, wildcards, and even Boolean searches. While, community offers a basic search format.

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Both Evoq and Evoq Content include support for the popular Google analytics tools. This allows webmasters to precisely track the performance of their site. Only the Evoq Content includes support for Google Analytics marking tools. This allows more specific tracking of your site and better assesses how popular your individual pages are proving to be to your users.

Both Evoq and Evoq Content Editions of DNN include support for the popular Google analytics tools. This allows webmasters to track the performance of their site very precisely.

Documentation is also far more extensive with the professional edition of DNN. The CMS comes with enough documentation to ensure professional users won't be left in a bad situation because of not knowing how to expand the functionality of the CMS. The Content Edition also comes with features such as a health monitor and a more advanced security center than does the community edition of the software. An online knowledgebase is also provided for customers who purchase the Evoq Content version, making it easy for them to look up answers to their questions online.

Overall, Evoq Content is much more oriented towards the needs of business users. The free edition isn't quite as feature rich. Please visit our Contact Us Page with any questions you might have about DNN or its features.