DotNetNuke ADA Compliance and WCAG Optimization

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DNN ADA Compliance and WCAG Optimization

DNN Compliance Guidelines

DNN allows you to manage your website content without any technical knowledge.  DNN, formerly known as DotNetNuke, is an open-source web content management system that is entirely based on Microsoft.NET. DotNetNuke professional edition, which is rebranded as Evoq content, takes care of the functionality and technicality of the websites. Site managers at DNN just have to upload content that is DNN ADA Compliant and doesn't violate the regulations. DotNetNuke ADA compliance accessibility tools offer plug-ins to make data user-friendly for people with disabilities. These tools provide themes and many features that make the data on the websites ADA compliant. DNN complies with ADA and people with disabilities can use the website and have no problem in searching and reading content on DNN. Americans with disabilities act (ADA) imply commercial and public entities with the internet to provide ADA compliance content.

Importance of Adding Forums and Communities to WordPress

DNN has specified accessibility tools for such visitors with disabilities to get the tools' help to make an action on the website. DNN provides the site manager with the capability to make ADA compliant web pages, but site managers have the liability for choosing compliant content creation strategies.

DNN provides authenticated users with accessibility features to make DNN ADA compliance such as:

  • Site managers can post content in text format. This can make it easy for people with disabilities to use tools to convert text to speech by using assistive technology on DNN.
  • Site managers can add alternative images of text on-site so anonymous visitors can take a round of the site easily.
  • DNN also provide site managers with font and color settings with access to big fonts and bright contrast.
How to make DNN ADA compliant

What is ADA Compliance?

DNN offers ADA compliant themes and modules to make the data ADA compliant. Websites are default ADA compliant, but some themes and modules are to be checked if they are ADA compliant or not before uploading.

DNN Evoq Basic 9.1.0 provides many updates to the software to automate the developers' functions at DNN.

How to make DNN ADA compliant
  • Accessibility support of can make the data DNN ADA compliant.
  • Any barrier to readability access, such as hardcoded non-compliant HTML, is to be replaced with non-post back methods.
  • Providing keys and tools for web pages to make it compliant for screen readers such as ACCESSKEYS skin object.

ADA compliance regulation bill was published in 2010 for electronic and Information technology platforms to make their content accessible to people with disabilities, and upon non-regulation, serious action must be taken. In light of this bill, every web content management site has made their sites ADA compliant.

DNN has also made its website ADA Compliant. Site managers are encouraged to post data that comply with DotNetNuke ADA compliance. DNN Evoq is also ADA Compliant that gives secure controlled access to forms, files, and data.

How to make DNN WCAG compliant

What is DNN WCAG Compliance?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provide a single shared standard to the websites to meet criteria by cooperation with the government. WCAG provides guidelines on how to make data ADA compliant and accessible for people with disabilities. Site managers must have ADA compliant or data readable, accessible to people with disabilities.

DNN meets the compliance policy of WCAG. DNN WCAG compliance has readable web content with natural text, images, and sound.


ALT text to Images

For DNN WCAG compliance content on DNN web pages, site managers must add Alt text to images. Alt-text is the written description of the images that appear on the screen when images fail to upload on websites. This alt text is also known as "alt tags". This compliant is important for the websites so it meets the regulations and community guidelines set up by the government.

How to make DNN WCAG compliant

Call to Action for Screen Readers

There is no need to change the core code of DNN websites. Firstly make the DNN ADA compliant by the skin and then selecting compliant modules and themes. It is important to change the call to action text to user-friendly, so no barrier to reading content on the website should be faced by people with disabilities.

Content Support

DNN WCAG compliant data on DNN support open graph protocol that permits keywords, descriptions, and titles to be previewed while sharing on social media platforms. On DNN, assistive technology is added to vocalize the content for people with disabilities.

How the Experts can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

Americans with disabilities act (ADA) and Web content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are strict about following to make DNN websites compliant with all the regulations and make the content user friendly. In failure, site managers are not allowed to post content. Therefore, with Evoq 9.1.0 content developers can create content compliance with ADA and WCAG without any obstruction. Evoq content update provides analytics update, Google tag manager connector, content item analytics, and API key management to make the DNN content outstanding and also ADA and WCAG compliant.

These ADA compliance increases the web accessibility, increase SEO, and also helps in making data compliance so no lawsuits or penalties due to non-compliance can be filed. Clarity, as a DNN development shop, supports not only the websites we build, but also websites that are in need of support.

Having developed thousands of DNN websites, Clarity can be your one-stop shop for all your online business needs. Whether you need to make your Shopify ADA compliant, improve DNN, enable WordPress ADA compliance, or help with other compliance issues involving any CMSs, we're here to help. Get in touch today for a complimentary discovery session!

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