Screening For the Best DNN Developers

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How to Screen For the Best DNN Developers

What Should an IT Recruiter Know About DNN?

Finding and screening the best developer for your team is not an easy task. As a technical recruiter, you must know about many different things other than just looking at the resume. So, if you are starting a recruitment procedure for hiring DNN developers for your team, you should know about a thing or two about the whole procedure. You will receive resumes and applications from different candidates, and you will need to screen the one who is good enough to carry out work for you.

There are many reasons for looking more into the developer's abilities than just the resume. Out of them, one is that the DNN developers have high demand, and they are pretty scarce, and secondly, you do not need to call the weak candidates for interviews in order to waste your time and energy.

DNN Guide Screening For the Best DNN Developers

For finding out the best candidate for the DNN developer role, you need to know what is DNN and what points you should know about DotNetNuke development.

  • First of all, being familiar with one language is not enough. To screen out the best candidate, you should know about how DNN works and its frameworks, libraries, modules, and other stuff. These questions can screen out the best developer among many.
  • You should not take the candidate out from the list if they have no familiarity with any specific framework in the requirements list. If they know about a few of them, they can surely learn and work on other ones as well.
  • If your candidate has commercial experience, then it brings value to the developer. Look for your candidates' practical knowledge and screen out some who have some good hands-on experience in DNN.
Sifting through the haystack for the perfect candidate

Verification Methods for DNN Developer Skills

Recruiters use various methods in order to assess the skills of a DNN developer. They can use any way based on the points written in the resume of the candidate, or by doing the technical interview, or by video round. They can take online coding tests from the potential candidates in order to shortlist a few. Here we will discuss all these methods in detail in order to know the tips and tricks for them.

1. Screening by Resume

You can find pretty valuable information about a DNN developer in the resume they have forwarded you. You need to go through all points written in there without getting confused by different DNN terms they have used in the resume. As a technical recruiter, you must have sound knowledge of all the frameworks and modules of DNN and its built-in tools and other resources for getting what you are looking for. For screening out the best developer, you should have the know-how of the same language as the developers.

There are many technologies that make the DNN more valuable, like Azure, different databases like SQL Server, Azure SQL, MySQL, and different frameworks like ASP.NET MVC. There are some common DNN technology names that are used in DotNetNuke development interchangeably. ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET MVC are used for the same technology. Just like that, EF, Entity Framework, ADO.NET Entity Framework is the same. Windows Communication Foundation, WCF, SOA, Service-Oriented Architecture are used interchangeably.

2. Screening through Phone/Video Interview

It is not easy to only rely on the resume of the candidate for DNN, as they can be confusing for you. It is the reason; you need to call the candidate for the phone or video interviews in order to do their assessment. Through the interview, the IT recruiter can better know the candidate and their skills. If they do good, they can be shortlisted for further interviews with the IT experts. For the interview, you need to think about different questions you need to ask the candidate.

The questions you should ask the developers can vary on the basis of the position you are recruiting them for and the specific skills you are looking for in your developer. There are different questions you should ask the developers during the interview call.

  • Q1. Which project do you found most interesting while working on that? Tell me why you found that attractive?

    This question will give you an idea about how complex projects the candidate has handled and what are their preferences and interests.
  • Q2. Can you explain the difference between frameworks A and B?

    A clear explanation can make the candidate stand out high on the shortlisting list of the recruiter. So, you will know how much this developer stands in communication as well as in the concepts.
  • Q3. I have seen that you have listed a framework X in your resume. How is it a good choice if you think about it so?

    By answering this question, the candidate will describe how well they know about a specific framework. And if you will do more digging by saying why not using the Y framework, then you will know how sharp the candidate's decision-making sense is and how well they can defend themselves.

3. Screening by Online Coding Test

The online coding testing system is one of the greatest tools that can help you to screen out the best developers by assessing their skills. It is a more effective way than assessing the DotNetNuke developer by resume or phone interview.

You can use the coding testing method as the primary method, as it totally depends on the approach of the company. It can also be taken along with resume and interviews as there can be a better chance to find the best developer by all these methods. Many companies are moving towards the coding tests as a method for assessing a developer, and it can be helpful in many ways.

First of all, the essential thing DNN developers should have is programming skills. These skills can help you to verify them and make them shortlisted for further procedures. In this method, the recruiters spend their time assessing the test, and they can only interview those that stand well in the tests. It can save up your time as well.

How the Experts can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

Screening out the DotNetNuke developers is not an easy task for a recruiter. There are many ways that can help you in the selection of the best candidate who can prove to be the best for your company as well. You can assess the developer in different ways, like from their resume or by doing an interview or conducting an online coding test.

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