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DotNetNuke Guide: Utilizing Document Management Clarity

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DotNetNuke Guide: Getting Started with the Document Management

Benefits of DNN Document Management

In the Enterprise and Professional editions of DotNetNuke, there is a Document Management Module that allows the user to store and manage different files in different ways. The Professional version adds up many functionalities in the CMS to make it powerful, including some exceptional document management. There are multiple benefits of DNN document management. One of the big advantages is that it allows auto integration with multiple user groups and permissions existing on the site.

Many benefits can be availed by the DNN documentation. You can see that DotNetNuke security is matchless and world class. It also allows a multi-user management system and versioning for best products. It also offers a controlled workflow engine. Additionally, the document management is very much important for a business as it keeps the external and internal facing files accessible on a ready basis by the employees and also keeps it up to date.

For example, if there is a sales team that has multiple security versions and also add up new content in their storage every week or month. Then how is this possible to make sure that every person is using the same material and all of them are up to date. It is where DNN document management comes in. by using the DNN document management system, and you can easily achieve all this and many more. By this, the administrators will be easily able to control which employee groups have access to what DNN documents and make sure they are the relevant ones. And in this fast-moving dynamic times and internal environments, this is quite essential now.

With DNN being so Self-Efficient, why bring in SharePoint?

Integrating DNN with SharePoint for Document Management

For developing an interesting and engaging website that features optimum and advanced tools, one undeniably chooses DotNetNuke (DNN). In the business world, where there are diverse challenges in the terms of content alteration, DotNetNuke offers multiple solutions that focus and resolve the technical needs of content providers. There is a current trend of integrating the DNN with SharePoint for better content and document management.

Why is DNN Unique and Preferred? The simplest reason is that DNN offers a wide range of multiple hands on tools that can support the rapidly changing consumers and also the technology trends as well. It enables the users to move forward without having any kind of difficulty. It also offers virtual help to any specific enterprise in order to approach and face any architectural challenges from any aspect. Any nonprofit organization can use it for saving both money and time.

Why Should I Integrate With Sharepoint? SharePoint is a lead provider offering intranet solutions for efficiently handling of internal document management within an organization. In some simple words, this specific application makes sure the easy access to data by anybody in the company network. It also modernizes the complex processes of collaboration, along with the management of important documents. The integration of DNN and SharePoint makes sure the full optimization of all processes and many businesses in different sectors have done this integration. For the complete optimization of content, many businesses and enterprises made the integrations of DNN with SharePoint.

The Enterprise version of DNN automatically integrates with SharePoint. It means that if you work in that, no further work will be required. However, in the Community version of DNN, you can integrate the SharePoint by using some custom modules, and it is an easy procedure. Basically, you need to design a system that allows SharePoint to do the work for you like communicating with your public website from behind a firewall. It simply means that you will be able to drive your DNN documents to the portal on the DNN website efficiently and safely. You will also be able to design some rules in order to determine that where the document will go.

While doing the file management, you should be aware of a few things

File Management in DotNetNuke

DNN has also a great tool in order to manage different files, and it is known as Digital Asset Management (DAM). If you are working in DNN 9, you can access it via persona bar (Manage > Site Assets). In the older versions, it can be accessed by DAM by Admin > File Management. While doing the file management, you should be aware of a few things.

  • 1. If you are uploading the files by using FTP, then the files will not show in the folder in the DAM initially. For viewing the, you can hot the sync button in the DAM.
  • 2. You can create three types of folders:

       (i). Standard – It is a regular folder that you can upload. It is perfect if you are uploading public files. You can add any images from your websites like logos, flyers, or anything else. It is like any kind of file that can be accessed by anyone because if we see technology, the files are stored on the webserver and are indexed in search engines. So, you cannot use these folders for storing your confidential information.

       (ii). Secure – The files you upload to a folder that is secure will be marked as .resources. It simply means that these files are not open for downloading until unless you have sufficient rights. The user who has a login can access them.

       (iii). Database – These folders are more secure. They are not even accessible to search engines and unauthorized users.
  • 3. You can add many other folders like Amazon or Azure. This can also be achieved if you add folder providers. In edit mode, you can choose the manage folder types in DAM. In the dialogue box appearing, you can add the available folder types.
  • 4. Not every type of file can be added to the DAM by default. In DNN 9, you can add them by going to Settings > Security >More >More security. In other versions, you can add them by going to Host settings > Other settings.
How the Experts can Help

Clarity DNN Experts

In the DNN documentation, you can easily manage the content on your website. You can use different methods for doing that. You can integrate SharePoint with DNN for better document management. The file management module is also available for DNN document management.

Clarity Ventures DNN Experts

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