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Importance of Resolving Each Error within DNN and How to Fix Them

Solutions For The Most Common DotNetNuke Errors

DotNetNuke is one of the top Content Management Systems today. It is an open-source software and comes with a license. The technical support it provides is unmatchable and there are countless unique features offered by DNN. If you are looking for an exceptional website, you should consider using DNN CMS.

Just like WordPress or any other CMS, there are a few errors that we come across while installing and using DotNetNuke. In this article, we've gathered all the errors that we came across and the quick fixes that worked for us.

DNN Error - Connection to the database failed

Connectivity to the Database

The first and the most common issue that you're going to face is due to the connectivity to the database in DNN. If your screen displays an error message, "DNN Error. Connection to the database failed", you are probably facing one of the following problems. As we know, DNN uses SQL Server and if it's not running you will encounter some issues. If you're a software developer, you must be aware of the importance of the connection string. A missing connection string can cause some serious errors.

Fix #1:

  • Look for "Services" on your PC
  • Open the application and navigate to "SQL Server service".
  • If the status of SQL Server is not "running", click on the SQL Server service button.
  • Open it and hit the "start" button.

Your DNN will no longer face a problem that's related to SQL Server service.

Fix # 2:
However, if the problem persists, open IIS Manager and try recycling the application pool of your website. You can also consider using "Help Forums" as with new updates comes new problems and solutions that are often discussed on these forums.

Manual Installations Won't Run Into This

DotNetNuke Parsing Error

If you're using the manual installation for DNN, you don't have to worry about this issue. However, if you are using the DNN web installer, you might have some trouble in the parsing. This problem arises when the DNN installer is not updated to find the path of the final install page.

This error can be fixed by one simple step: Change the URL of your website from this [Sitename/intall/InstallWizard.aspx] to this [Sitename/Install/Install.aspx]

Please note that you need to replace "Sitename" with the name of your website.

DNN Web Installer creates a binding to the wrong URL

IIS Splash Screen Error

DNN or DotNetNuke web installer creates a binding for your website at dnndev.me but not www.dnndev.me. You need to see the hostname in your URL and the bindings you have set in the IIS Manager for your website. Suppose you get an error while you're trying to access www.dnndev.me, follow the steps below:

  • Go to IIS Manager
  • Right-click and select "Edit Bindings" on your website.
  • Tap on the "Add" button.
  • Type your hostname (www.dnndev.me).
Constantly Making Site Improvements

Caching, Migration, and Template Errors

  • Caching Trap:
    The DNN content management system is known for the improvement of regular caching. The system has a default value set for caching but it's possible to override the default value. The confusion is caused by the two modules that are developed by the programmer. This can occur when they are logged in as the admin. You can fix this error by making sure you're logged in to the right module user.
  • Migration Error:
    When your website is ready and you want to make it live, you need to move it from a localhost to a production site. In this case, you might face a DNN error. An error message like this "DNN Error: An Error has occurred. An Error has occurred" may arise.

    There are several methods to fix this error. One of the reasons for this error might be the "missing connection string". Or it could occur because the connection string is not properly set. Secondly, a missing skin file can be a cause of this error. These errors are not complicated to solve. You can easily ask for solutions on Help Forums as well.
  • Starter Kit Template Error:
    If you're facing the starter kit error due to the default value of the template i.e 60 for caching of the module, you can fix it by changing the value to zero set in the manifest. You can also delete the node to fix this error before installation.

    When a new value greater than zero is used, the module will utilize caching. The problem is the caching has not been enforced for individuals who are the Host or Admin.
How the Experts can Help

Clarity WordPress Experts

DNN as we know is reliable and secure, and user-friendly of course. On the other hand, WordPress is more popular than DNN and almost 40% of all sites on the Internet are built on WordPress. We can't recommend one since both of these platforms have their own pros and cons. So, you need to do your research before choosing among the two most popular website building platforms.

Whether you are facing a connectivity issue or your connection string is not properly set, this small guide has provided solutions for all your problems. Sometimes people are not aware of the technical side of their websites, so we have tried to solve all the issues in a few simple steps. We have highlighted the most common DNN errors faced by the users in this article. We have also provided the quick fixes that worked for us.

Clarity Ventures DNN Experts

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