Adaptive eCommerce Websites for a Customized UX

adaptive ecommerce websites for a customized ux

We’ve discussed responsive product catalog development and how back-end website analytics can drive your success; now it’s time to take your website to the next level of customization and create an individual experience for every single user who visits your eCommerce site.

Intelligent Search for a Better UX

When a website has a great deal of traffic, it’s wonderful news on a global level, but it can create issues for the individual user experience. The way to solve this problem is by creating a website that responds to individual user needs. There are several ways in which your website can customize a user experience, but they all begin with browser cookies. This will identify each customer and what they trend toward by measuring how long they stay on specific pages after clicking out of search results.

Adaptive eCommerce Websites and Your Customers

Once your website “learns” about the customer, it can adjust based on that customer’s clicks.

Once your website “learns” about the customer, it can adjust based on that customer’s clicks. This includes moving menus items around based on what your customer clicked on the most, and creating suggestive management of product catalog systems. You can also integrate a custom business logic into your adaptive website. For example, if you know a particular customer is only interested in free shipping, you can “turn on” that logic. This makes a massive difference in your customer’s user experience.


How Intelligent Search Development Works

The cookies that are placed on your customers’ browsers measure a variety of features. Chief among them are the pages customers click to after specific search phrases and the length of time they stay on certain pages. Custom eCommerce user profiles are then built based on these features. The lower a customer’s bounce rate on a page, the higher that page will be in the search results for a customer with a similar profile. Of course, your website can always allow your users to override the intelligent search, too.


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