Advantages of NetSuite Shopping Cart Integration

Five Benefits of Integrating NetSuite with eCommerce 

Integrating your NetSuite ERP software with your shopping cart solution helps your business succeed

NetSuiteIntegrating your business software with your eCommerce platform can lead to many benefits for your eCommerce business. NetSuite eCommerce Integration allows for software to share and send data and information to each other. You can also use integrations to automate and speed up business tasks. Integrating powerful software like NetSuite’s ERP with your online shopping cart can improve processes, save time, and reduce errors.

NetSuite ERP Software

NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) is the world’s most implemented cloud ERP solution. The ERP software includes solutions for financial management, inventory and order management, and shipping and fulfillment, just to name a few. NetSuite’s ERP software alone is very robust but becomes even more powerful and effective when integrated with your shopping cart. Below are just a few of the benefits of integrating your eCommerce with NetSuite.

automationAutomation Saves Energy and Money, Reduces Errors

When customers’ information or orders are submitted to your shopping cart, it is automatically sent to your NetSuite software if they are integrated. This automated service means that your staff no longer has to manually re-key the data into your ERP solution. Errors will be reduced because the tedious task of keying the data will be handled by computers and productivity will increase because employees will no have time for more productive tasks.

Keep Inventory In Check

Few things are worse than having an unhappy customer who ordered a product that is out of stock, without being informed about it. NetSuite’s inventory management solution of its ERP software helps you manage inventory, but is useless to customers if it isn’t integrate with your eCommerce site. A tight integration between the two could display when items are in low supply and out of stock. This gives your customer information to make better decisions and prevents angry phone calls from customers who aren’t getting what they thought they ordered.

shopping cart orderManage Orders from One Place

Integrating NetSuite ERP and your shopping cart solution can enable you to handle all of your eCommerce orders in one program. When a customer orders products from your site, that information is sent to the order management solution in the ERP software. Accessing the information from just one place helps your staff to easily handle orders.

Show Customers More Information about Their Orders

With NetSuite and eCommerce integration in place, when you enter information about customers’ orders in your ERP software, they will be able to see it on their store account or be sent updates via email. The integration could allow for customers to see their order status and easily track their order shipments. Showing the customer information about their order before they even have to ask for it leads to greater customer satisfaction and less time on the phone informing them about when their package will arrive.

sales reportGenerate Sales and Other Financial Reports Easily

Some eCommerce solutions are able generate sales reports on their own. However, when your shopping cart is integrated with your NetSuite ERP solution, you can generate other financial reports including profit and loss statements and balance sheets. These reports can help you manage your business better and make more informed decisions about your eCommerce company’s finances.

Clarity Can Help 

Clarity eCommerce, Clarity’s shopping cart solution, is a full-featured shopping cart that easily integrates with almost any ERP software, including NetSuite. Our team of experts uses our middle ware layer, Clarity Connect, to help make the integration as smooth as possible. To find out more about how Clarity eCommerce or another shopping cart solution can integrate with your NetSuite software.

To learn more, visit the NetSuite eCommerce Integration Resource Center.