Automating Processes with Quote to Order Workflows

Steps to Make the Quote to Order Workflow Seamless

How to improve your quoting process with automation and integration

quote to order workflowAutomation can save your business a lot of time, money and resources. It can also help your business earn money, especially in the case of quote to order workflows. Making the quoting process simple, straightforward and automated requires having certain procedures in place for when a quote comes in as well as integrating your business systems to help make the quote to order workflow seamless. Here are four key steps to take to automate your quote to order processes.

Establish Quote Process

The first step is to establish a seamless quote process. You need to have a process in place for when a potential customer or client sends a request for quote (RFQ). First you need to create a standard timeline to complete a quote after it is received. You also need to notify the client, letting them know that you have received their quote request and are either processing it or have found that it isn’t feasible for your business to process it and won’t be providing a quote. Then you need to set up the rest of the process and what needs to happen in order to create a quote. This can include estimating costs of supplies, assessing how much time the project will take, or calculating shipping and handling costs. Having a standard quote process in place helps your business handle quotes effectively and efficiently.

integration pointsSet Up Integration Points

After establishing a quote process, you then need to set up integration points for your internal business systems and your users. You need to determine which systems or software needs to be connected so they can pass on information to one another to help make the quote to order workflow as seamless as possible. Map out how your business systems, like your ERP, CRM, and accounting software need to be connected to one another in order to achieve the best results.

Build Integration 

The next step is to build the actual integration between the systems and your users. Integrations can really help speed up processing quotes, from when you receive them to when you send them back to your customer or client. An integration between your website and sales portal could allow for an email to be automatically generated and sent to a salesperson when a quote needs to be processed. The same integration could send an automated email to the potential client letting them know that the quote is being processed and give them an estimated time for how long the quote will take. These are just a few of the examples of how integration can help the quoting process.

salespeople and quotes to orderAllows Salesperson to Return Quotes Easily

The final step is making it easy for your sales people to return quotes to your potential customers. With some integrations, it is as easy as clicking one button to send the quote to the customer. Then, if the customer decides to go with your quote, it can be easily turned into and processed as an order because of the integrations that have been previously set up and built.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we understand how beneficial automating process can be for your business, especially the quote to order workflow. Integrating your business systems with your site, can help you and your staff to process quotes more efficiently, turning them into orders faster. Our team at Clarity has helped numerous clients establish their quote processes and build integrations to help the processes run smoothly. To find out more about how Clarity can help you save money by automating quote to order processes, call or click to contact us today!