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Integrating Avalara with eCommerce 

Simplifying sales tax with an Avalara integration

AvalaraSales tax: something that both businesses and customers aren’t too thrilled about. Sales tax makes a customer’s bill larger while providing a potential headache and extra work for a business. However, sales tax doesn’t have to be all that complicated for a business. Using Avalara, a collection of sales tax compliance and automation software, helps businesses handle sales tax in an easier and more efficient manner. When you seamlessly integrate Avalara with your eCommerce site, you are turning the complicated process of collecting, filing, and remitting sales tax into a simple one.

Avalara AvaTax 

Avalara AvaTax is a piece of Avalara software that determines tax rates and applies taxability rules based on location, address, and product type. Using geolocating, Avatax determine what taxing jurisdiction the customer is buying in. When you integrate Avalara Avatax with your eCommerce, it helps calculate the tax a customer owes at the time of checkout. It also stores and constantly updates product taxability rules to ensure that customers are charged the right rate and amount to cover the sales tax. Avalara offers add-ons, including one that enables you to automate the calculation of international taxes. Using Avalara AvaTax APIs enable a seamless integration when you connect Avalara AvaTax with your eCommerce platform or accounting software.

sales tax exemption certificateAvalara CertCapture 

Avalara CertCapture is a piece of Avalara software that helps businesses create, manage, and store their customers’ sales tax exemption certificates and reseller certificates. CertCapture can also help track certificate expiration dates, alerting you and possibly even the customer if the certificate needs to be renewed soon. Integrating CertCapture with your shopping cart helps make customers’ check out process much simpler since their certificates are already on file, and that exemption is automatically applied at checkout. The Avalara CertCapture APIs help you seamlessly integrate CertCapture with your eCommerce platform, accounting software, and ERP solutions to keep track of transactions that weren’t taxed.

Optimize API Calls 

Since Avalara charges per API call, the cost can be considerable, especially if you process a large number of transactions. To help minimize the cost but still maintain accuracy, you can cache the tax data for short periods of time to keep from having to send out multiple API calls. You can also arrange for when calls get made, reducing the number of API calls that you send out. Both of these strategies can help your business reduce its costs of using Avalara while still take advantage of Avalara’s robust and highly useful technologies.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how beneficial integration can be for your business. It helps automate processes, transfer important data, and save time, money and resources. Our team of expert developers has integrated numerous pieces of software, including Avalara, with eCommerce platforms and other software for our clients. To learn more about Avalara or to speak with one of our experts about integrating your eCommerce with Avalara for automated tax calculations, call or click to contact us today!