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Microsoft Powered

Microsoft .net b2b e-commerce platform development | ClarityEnterprise ecommerce platforms utilizing ASP.NET language have the distinct advantage of being backed by the wide-ranging community of experienced Microsoft developers. If you're familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics suite of ERP and CRM software, you already know the power of Microsoft based solutions for enterprise level businesses.

The flexible .NET base code already has built-in framework for handling common errors, redundancies and basic functionality. With this intuitive framework, you spend less time developing basics and more time developing and implementing functionalities both unique and essential to your organization. As many B2B web platforms use .NET, the large community of developers familiar with the ASP.NET Microsoft framework are an added bonus that help facilitate faster problem solving and development help.


Open Source

.NET enterprise ecommerce platform development open source code ASP.NET | ClarityAnother advantageous attribute of an enterprise e-commerce platform powered by .NET is the fact that the language is open-sourced. This means that there are numerous functions, modules and B2B integration APIs that are already built out and free for anyone to use within their code. This means that your development team saves time and money when adding functional modules, as all they have to do is tweak code that has already been written for the specific needs of your enterprise.


Risk Adverse Development

.NET B2B e-commerce platform development risk adverse developing | ClarityMicrosoft ASP.NET is highly extensible base code that allows your development team to build revenue increasing, custom functions and modules without the risk of an error that renders your entire B2B e commerce platform inoperable. Each module is built in a mutually exclusive fashion, meaning each is independent of the other and the .NET framework as a whole. Think of it like customizing a car. If you add a stereo system that doesn't work properly, this does not affect your ability to drive the car or the performance of the other upgrades you've made.




The base code will always remain the same, while the modules you've added can easily be tweaked, rewritten, removed or added on a case by case basis.

Perhaps one of the greatest concerns of any successful enterprise company that has an online web store is that their ecommerce platform will not be able to handle the increasing demands that a growing company requires of it. With your B2B e-commerce platform built around an ASP.NET language, this won't be a concern.

The base code will always remain the same, while the modules you've added can easily be tweaked, rewritten, removed or added on a case by case basis. A complete overhaul of the platform will never be a necessity, saving your company a lot of money and time starting another project from scratch.


Clarity .NET Solution for B2B E-Commerce

Enterprise .NET ecommerce platform solutions, shopping cart developer | ClarityClarity's solution for an enterprise ecommerce platform is to build around a powerful, cost-effective, scalable and risk adverse framework. We customize the platform based on the unique and specific needs of your company, ascertained from an extensive research and interview process that translates your enterprise goals into online solutions. Clarity has over 300 years combined experience and has delivered on over 700+ development projects for companies ranging from startups to large and well-known enterprise companies. Check out our portfolio for some examples of past work. Call Clarity right now for a free, no hassle consultation and start finding the solutions to your needs!


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