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Six Key Components of a Digital Strategy for B2B 

Composing a digital strategy that leads to a great digital transformation

Using Your Strategy to Achieve TransformationIn order to have a successful digital transformation, you must first have a plan. When planning a digital transformation, your B2B business needs to create and implement a digital strategy, which will help lead your business and employees through the transformation. Your digital strategy must to cover and consider every aspect of your B2B e Commerce business, not just the IT side. Below are six key components that are vital to your B2B business’s digital strategy.


Technology will be one of the most important components of your digital strategy. You will need to outline what technologies you will be using, including new technologies that you want to add and existing technologies that are working well for your business. You will also have to decide whether or not to keep using, upgrade, or do away with antiquated legacy systems that could possible hinder your strategy and transformation.


Integration is another vital piece of your B2B business’s digital strategy. You will need to create a plan for what systems and technologies will be integrated and how you will go about it. Your business will need to map all of the integration points to ensure that no system or crucial data gets left out. You will also need to consider creating custom integrations for systems that are not compatible with each other. You also shouldn’t forget about integrating third party software with your eCommerce, such as shipping and freight providers.


When creating your digital strategy, you also need to include your business’s marketing needs and a plan to meet those needs. Consider adding new technologies, such as marketing and email automation software that can help your marketing team expand their reach and become more efficient. Make a plan for how your business will use its new and old technologies to market your business and its products.

Content is KingContent 

When it comes to B2B, especially B2B eCommerce, content is king. Buyers are looking for a wealth of knowledge and information before they make a buying decision. Your business’s digital strategy needs to include a plan for content: who will create it and how and when will it be distributed to leads and customers.


A strategy or plan isn’t of very much use unless you know what you want to get out of it. Your digital strategy needs to include set goals for your business. Your business staff needs to make a list of clear objectives, which will be used to help focus your business’s plans and digital strategy.

An Experienced Development Company 

Finally, it is a very good idea to get outside help, even if your business has a great IT department. Having someone that is removed from your B2B business and situation will provide you with a fresh perspective and new ideas and suggestions that could help you improve your digital strategy. Look for a firm that is highly experienced at helping B2B businesses with their B2B eCommerce Solutions and web development.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity Ventures is one of the top B2B  eCommerce Development companies, creating and implementing solutions for our business to business clients. Our team of expert developers has helped numerous businesses carry out their digital strategies and see positive results. We are here for our clients every step of the way, and can even offer a consultation to help them create and improve upon their digital strategy. To find out more about creating your own digital strategy or to speak with a developer about your B2B eCommerce needs, call or click to contact us today!