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Business to Business e-Commerce

Stop Waiting, the B2B Revolution is Here

Clarity eCommerce is a high performance business to business eCommerce software platform that solves business problems. The multi-faceted platform can cover an array of capabilities to help any size business operate to its fullest capacity. Some of these proficiencies include, but are not limited to: built-in integration to a robust content management system, complete set of administrative features, native SEO tools and architecture, revenue producing business intelligence capabilities, reporting and analytics, and back-end integration to global shipping and tax calculations. On top of this, all of these facets can dynamically interact to your business applications like ERP and CRM systems.

Business-to-Business eCommerce, Reinvented

Designed to Improve Customer Loyalty

By focusing on a better shopping experience, making it fast and easy to re-order, allowing partners to be notified proactively when an item they've back-ordered comes in, split shipping, custom handling, and many more customized B2B features, Clarity eCommerce helps to improve customer satisfaction, overall shopping experience, which creates and builds on customer loyalty.

eCommerce Features that Move Product

Clarity eCommerce focuses on helping businesses improve efficiency ranging from the enterprise level to medium/large sized organizations. The ability to send abandoned shopping cart emails, administer the site from one comprehensive dashboard, customize advanced SEO controls, and the availability of many more eCommerce features has given Clarity websites the power to sell more products and services than ever before.

Tailored to Drive YOUR Business

The combination of our experienced consultants, custom developers, and hands on approach help your market strategy flourish. Clarity specializes in delivering optimal results within a timely fashion, delivering a custom-tailored eCommerce solution that’s designed specifically for your online goals.

Business to Business eCommerce Development Company

Business to business (B2B) eCommerce is a term regularly thrown around. B2B eCommerce is offering products and services that specifically target outside businesses. The main differentiator between B2B and normal eCommerce platforms is the B2B transactions are generally made between large suppliers and other companies. Organizations who purchase from large suppliers, then sell these products to their customers through separate business to consumer (B2C) websites. With B2C, the merchants sell the products to the customers when the customers visit the site. However, B2B eCommerce is much more complicated; negotiating contracts, setting customer specific price levels, and a whole array of other company specific criteria. B2B eCommerce also has a lot to do with having the right business connections and service models to stand behind the offerings made on the website. If you are looking to grow your business in dramatic ways, consider implementing a B2B eCommerce system.

Types of B2B eCommerce sites

Types of B2B eCommerce Sites

B2B websites differ from each other based on the functions they perform. Take a look at our portfolio for some recent work of developed B2B eCommerce websites for clients of all sizes. Below are some of the basic types of B2B eCommerce websites our clients gravitate to:

eCommerce Websites for Companies

eCommerce Websites for Companies

In most cases, the target customers for B2B eCommerce companies are other companies. For this reason, suppliers set up company websites that allow them to exhibit their products, services, options for user registration, real-time inventory, dealer/distributor locator and distributor logins.

E-procurement Sites

E-procurement Sites

E-procurement sites are business to business sites where company purchasing agents can submit a request for proposal, bid for products, and purchase products from vendors. Typically, these eCommerce websites are custom built to serve a niche market or a particular industry.

B2B eCommerce Broker Sites

B2B eCommerce Broker Sites

These websites act as a broker between those who want to purchase a particular product with the various suppliers in the different industries. These websites bring together the suppliers and the buyers in each of the industries.

Industry Vertical B2B Portals

Industry Vertical B2B Portals

These websites can provide information about products in a particular industry, allow users to conduct discussions, provide product listings and serve a broader purpose compared to the other types of B2B procurement sites.

Infomediary Sites

Infomediary Sites

B2B eCommerce infomediary sites provide industry information to visitors about companies in an industry. These special sites provide search facilities as well as industry and trade standards for a particular niche.

Most business to business eCommerce websites fall into one of these categories above. Building websites that match up to the B2B model for your company can provide powerful results for your company’s bottom line. Clarity's custom designed eCommerce websites are professional, functional and help serve the needs of various businesses in the B2B eCommerce space.

Shipping Support for B2B eCommerce Solutions

For Brick Packaging, shipping makes or breaks their business. So when they needed to integrate a variety of shipping options including UPS, FedEx, DayTon Freight, ABF, YRC, R&L, Conway, and Super Regional, they chose Clarity eCommerce™ with Clarity Connect™ because it is built to handle this integral part of their business. However much your business depends on shipping, you can rest assured knowing Clarity eCommerce™ is the platform of choice for the businesses that depend on it the most, and can integrate it seamlessly into your custom B2B eCommerce solution.

Powerful Business-to-business partnerships. Advanced capabilities.

Leveraging powerful APIs and continual partnership based integrations to the platform, Clarity eCommerce delivers a consistently growing set of capabilities your business can take advantage of.

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