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Custom Solutions for Made to Order B2B eCommerce 

B2B eCommerce customization and solutions for customizable and made to order products

B2B eCommerceWhen dealing in B2B eCommerce, product customization can be an everyday thing. If your buyers need custom products, your business has to be able to deliver. In many cases, the products need to be made to order in a specific configuration to way that a business needs and wants them to. Unfortunately, if a B2B business uses a standard eCommerce solution to try to handle selling made to order products they will run into a heap of trouble, as most off-the-shelf platforms cannot handle the customization required to allow multiple specific attributes. Because customers will not be able to select all of the attributes they need to add to complete the purchase online, they will typically have to call the business to get a direct quote because a standard eCommerce solution just can’t handle it. At that rate, you may as well not even be selling your products online! This is where a custom solution can be a business saver, enabling your site to let customers select as many attributes as they want and instantly see the quote for how much it will cost.

Customization is the Answer

A custom solution allows you to handle your made to order products easily. While most eCommerce platforms aren’t built to handle made to order products and quoting, customization enables your business to add as many add on attributes as you need to your product pages. It also allows you to build in an automated quoting process that can show customers how much their made to order product will costs in minutes, instead of hours or even days.

CustomizationSteps to Enabling eCommerce to Handle Made to Order with Multiple Attributes 

The first step to take when creating a custom ordering solution for products with many attributes is designing the workflow that the business processes require. Attributes may interact with each other in ways that dynamically change the price or shipping costs, and some attributes may change the availability of others, so you will need to work with the development company to build the logic for every possible scenario. If Clarity is working on this type of implementation, we will look at Clarity eCommerce to determine what features already exist on our platform and what functionalities need to be custom built. After building and integrating the custom functionalities with Clarity eCommerce, we rigorously test the site to make sure the workflow is correct and working the way that the client and their customers need it to.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity Ventures is a leader in customized eCommerce solutions. We work with our clients to find out exactly what they need out of the eCommerce site and create a custom solution that not only fits those needs but is intuitive and easy to use as well. Our team of experts has helped numerous clients create and customize their eCommerce sites to work for their businesses. To find out more about eCommerce customization or to speak with an expert about perfecting your eCommerce site, call or click to contact us today!